Judgment Day 2001

Tag Team Turmoil
APA vs. Dean Malenko & Perry Saturn
This is an elimination match. Winner stays on until all the entrants have competed. Again Malenko is squandered on PPV, thrown into a nothing tag match. Saturn impresses by hitting an exploder on Bradshaw but he turns round into a spinebuster and the APA win.

APA vs. The Dudley Boyz
Spike is in the Dudleys’ corner, as the crowd LOUDLY chant for tables and Paul E runs through the Dudleys’ achievements. They were certainly the cornerstone of the ECW tag team division. Bradshaw takes over on D-Von as the crowd continue to LOUDLY demand those tables. Bubba makes the save and the Dudley Device connects. WAZZZZUP drop on Bradshaw. Bubba’s wonderful delay on telling D-Von to get the tables is brilliant. As D-Von sets up the table Hardcore Holly runs out and puts him through it with the Alabamaslam. Bubba turns around to get clocked with the Clothesline from Hell and the APA win again. They had an interesting story with the Dudleys vs. Holly cousins as Spike had a thing for Molly, which was really cute. It became a Montagues vs. Capulets sort of deal. Forbidden love. That must have been a Stephanie McMahon angle.

APA vs. X-Pac & Justin Credible
Waltman is clean shaven and looks about 14 years old. He gets treated relatively well by the APA, who must have gotten to respect him during their 1999 business with Kane. Justin Credible on the other hand Bradshaw treats like a total bitch, which I agree with 100%. It doesn’t help that Credible makes a mess of almost every spot he’s involved in so the APA have to stiff him. Or is he making a mess of spots because he keeps getting stiffed? The match is a lot better when Waltman is in there. Bradshaw grabs X-Pac for a fallaway slam but Albert grabs his leg and holds it for X-Factor to pick up the big win.

X-Pac & Justin Credible vs. The Hardy Boyz
As all these guys are about the same size and have similar styles, apart from Justin, so it’s a pretty decent encounter. X-Factor were underrated as a team but you can see why; the very presence of Credible is bad news, plus Pac was getting heat for being a bit of a knob and they had terrible music. If they could have found someone better than Credible to take his spot that could have gone a long way to making the team work. Whatever he did in ECW to make himself “the man” he didn’t bring to the WWF with him (we call that “Shane Douglas Syndrome”). Jeff misses the Swanton, by overshooting when he’s supposed to connect. Albert pulls Matt out of the ring but Jeff nails him with a hilo. However Matt stumbles right into the superkick and X-Factor progress.

X-Pac & Justin Credible vs. Chris Jericho & Chris Benoit
Jericho’s partner is Benoit, doing double duty (quadruple duty if you consider him working three falls already). Albert again interjects himself, as he’s been the difference maker for X-Factor, allowing Benoit to get double teamed. X-Factor again play their role to perfection as they act like jackasses but don’t threaten Jericho and Benoit all that much. Benoit slips out of the Broncobuster to show his speed and timing before Jericho tags in to dominate, but accidentally pounces the ref creating mayhem. A new ref comes down but Benoit prevents a spike piledriver. Double suplex for Albert when he runs in. Credible is then double suplexed onto Albert. Crossface and Walls of Jericho at the same time cause a double tap out and the Canadian Chris’s advance.

Chris Jericho & Chris Benoit vs. Edge & Christian
Winner gets a tag title shot tomorrow night on RAW. Benoit is now in his fifth fall of the evening. Naturally this is an energetic contest as all four guys are very talented. Jericho takes heat off the former seven-time tag team champions. The match has some decent hope spots including a Lionsault that gets knees. Benoit comes in with his perfect timing and seemingly boundless energy on the hot tag. That works until Edge hooks a DDT but E&C decide to go for the Conchairto and get double dropkicked. Benoit gets set up for the Conchairto anyway but Jericho takes out Edge and Benoit counters Christian into the Crossface for the submission. Jericho and Benoit get a title shot on RAW, which would turn out to be one of the great RAW matches of all time as they virtually shattered the glass ceiling in a glorious switch in booking. But Triple H tore his quad and both Benoit and Jericho would end up coming up short in WWF Title bouts, before Vince switched gears and changed focus to WCW. For a moment there it looked as if the WWF were serious about restructuring the top of their card and the fans popped like crazy for it. This match merely served to set all that up. The whole turmoil ran about 30-minutes so I’ll rate it as one big match.
Final Rating: ***½

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