No Mercy 2001



Arnold Furious: Coming into No Mercy I’d become a massive cheerleader for Rob Van Dam. I felt his clear-cut different style could allow him to be “the man” in the WWF. RVD was a distinctive talent and they don’t come along too often. Ultimately the WWF decided they’d pop him into a main event to see how he coped. For a moment there, albeit a short one, it seemed as RVD would establish himself as a genuine contender and a top player in the WWF at a time when they where desperate for new top stars. Rob was positioned as the biggest star to have joined the WWF that year, and while the likes of Booker T and DDP had already been beaten by WWF talent, they’d kept RVD strong. Elsewhere The Rock had begun a program with Chris Jericho over the WCW Title, as the two had developed a misunderstanding. It was the beginning of Jericho as a heel main eventer. Sort of. No Mercy sees the WWF on the cusp of creating two huge main event stars, and at the time I was hugely optimistic about the future of the company. Unfortunately In the months that follow, it all goes wrong somewhere. We’re in St. Louis, Missouri. Hosts are Jim Ross and Paul Heyman.

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