No Mercy 2001

WCW Tag Team Championship
The Hardy Boyz (c) vs. Lance Storm & The Hurricane
Yet another WCW championship lies in the hands of WWF performers. Ivory is in Storm’s corner here and I really don’t remember her switch to the Alliance. 2001 was a confusing time for allegiances. Hurricane has Mighty Molly in his corner and that at least makes sense as she’s been re-fitted as a superhero and they’re both over. Heyman tries to put over the history between Hurricane and the Hardys in the Carolina’s without actually using the word OMEGA. I guess they didn’t want to put Matt Hardy over as an independent promoter. Storm and Hurricane have developed some decent teamwork with Hurricane doing the flashy stuff and Lance holding it together. JR isn’t afraid to start reeling off St Louis wrestling history, which makes me feel all warm and nostalgic. I may have watched Wrestling at the Chase on tape many years after it happened, but it was good shit. The Hardys keep the pace strong even when Jeff is taking heat. They’ve only got 8-minutes so there’s no need to take a breather. The lack of tags allows both teams to get in their team spots such as the double superkick from the challengers. Molly tries to interfere allowing Lita to run in and spear her. Ivory makes the save so Jeff slaps her about. I thought Matt was… Never mind. Jeff taps to the Maple Leaf but Lita saves him with a flying rana. Twist of Fate on Hurricane and Jeff finishes with the Swanton bomb. Team Extreme brought the big team spots, Hurricane brought the laughs and Storm held it together. The typical hot opener that you want tag teams to have on PPV. For all the upward mobility many WCW talent got in the WWF (I’m thinking Benoit, Guerrero, Jericho, Booker), Lance Storm found himself in the same boat as Dean Malenko, where his delivery was monotonous and the fans found him a bit dry. Which is a pity because Storm, as Malenko, was one of the best technicians in the business and massively underrated by the WWF.
Final Rating: ***


Backstage: Rob Van Dam arrives and is confronted by William Regal about RVD frogsplashing Steve Austin on SmackDown! RVD says he’s not on Vince McMahon’s side, he’s on RVD’s side. Elsewhere: Vince McMahon arrives. Michael Cole is on hand to suck up to him and drop his jacket like a dingus. “Next time you drop my jacket, I’ll drop you”. Oh, I wish he had.

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