No Mercy 2001

Booker T vs. The Undertaker
Poor Booker. First he was booked to look like a chump against The Rock, eventually losing a match where he teamed with Shane against ‘the Great One’. Even with Shane in the match, Booker still took the pinfall. Now he’s gotten lumbered with Undertaker, who has given nothing to any WCW guys since the invasion began. He gives Booker slightly more respect than DDP, but that’s the thing with the Undertaker; until you earn his respect he doesn’t sell for you. Another issue is the clash of styles with Booker favouring kicks and having to switch to brawling in order to get Taker to loosen up. Ross talks about the psychology of working the left side, claiming as a right-hander Booker’s left arm is probably weaker. Not that it’s a wrestling convention to work the left side or anything… Unless you’re Mexican. Taker at least uses the arm stuff to set up Old School. They work in a nice piece of mirroring where Booker goes after the ring bell but the ref is now WWF official Timmy White who takes it off him. Booker goes to his kicks after that but Undertaker goes through the motions of selling them, rather than actually selling them. Heyman almost sells out by saying the Spinneroonie is the most electrifying move in sports entertainment, before pointing out Shane paid him to say that. I really miss the Ross-Heyman team because it was so professional. They covered all their bases but they were both quick on their feet. So they’d get the storylines over and the nuances of wrestling while still hitting the back-and-forth banter that you need on commentary. It was a big loss when the WWF went back to using Jerry Lawler after the invasion angle ended. Booker gets a tidy pop for doing the Spinneroonie, which shows you how smart the WWF was with getting goofy stuff over. Booker hits the axe kick and Taker finally shows a bit of respect by using the rope instead of kicking out. Booker, like an idiot, then mounts the buckles for the ten count punches and gets countered right into the Last Ride. Considering Booker was supposed to be WCW’s ace, as he came in as WCW champion, he can’t buy a win on PPV. At least he got a decent WWF career out of this run, eventually, but this was another piece of booking that showed how useless the WWF guys figured WCW were. The case in point being that they split the booking of Alliance vs. Brothers of Destruction and it’s Test that goes over. A WWF guy.
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Backstage: Coach grabs Chris Jericho for an interview. He says it’s time to put up or shut the hell up. Jericho adds it’s time for him to go and win the big one.

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