No Mercy ’99




Arnold Furious: This is a show I begged off James Dixon as I wanted to see the famous ladder match again. I could just watch it by itself, but I never seem to get time for such leisurely activity when we have tapes to review. This came from a time when I was meticulous about recording details of shows, and inside the tape case is a complete match listing of the show, complete with the star ratings I gave out at the time. If only I’d been so meticulous when it came to cataloguing my Japanese tape collections, which appear to have been dumped in large cardboard boxes with no labelling whatsoever. I probably have 40 unmarked VHS tapes in my collection that are completely unidentifiable without sitting down and watching the tape. With all the Japanese matches that have found their way onto YouTube since I acquired all these tapes it makes such a job both excruciatingly dull and utterly pointless. But I’ll hang on them anyway in case I one day need a load of random Japanese matches from the 1990s to keep me amused.


We’re in Cleveland, Ohio. Hosts are Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler. No Mercy has some of the most unfortunately awful theme music of all time. It’s a rubbish techno soundtrack with about three notes repeated over and over again. Garbage.

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