Rebellion 2001


Arnold Furious: As I have mentioned before, I held a position in 2001 as UK PPV reporter for several websites, and my coverage generally reflected what I thought the mood was concerning the shows. Namely that they were glorified house shows with no purpose existing. However even a house show main event between Steve Austin and the Rock is nothing to be sniffed at and Chris Jericho also defends his WCW Title here against Kurt Angle. I was quite harsh on the ratings then because of my general malaise when it came to UK shows; that they meant nothing in the long run. But looking back, and having them as standalone shows, I can just kick back and watch the wrestling. After all the booking can’t really get in the way as they never bothered booking anything that would interfere with the American storylines anyway.


3rd November 2001. We’re in Manchester, England. Interesting to note that the dark match was Billy Gunn & Chuck Palumbo wrestling against the tandem of Lance Storm & Justin Credible, otherwise known as the Impact Players and the highlight of Aldo’s career. Hosts are Jim Ross and Paul Heyman, who make a point of shilling Austin-Rock in tonight’s main event.

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