Rebellion ’99



James Dixon: Held live in Birmingham, England on October 2nd 1999, this is the second UK exclusive pay-per-view event of the year, following the woeful No Mercy in May, and the similarly crappy Capital Carnage in 1998. In fact, the WWF’s track record on British shores had been pretty dire prior to those also, with the likes of Mayhem in Manchester and Battle Royal at the Albert Hall as well as the host of UK Rampage shows, all failing to deliver a quality experience for WWF fans across the pond. Only One Night Only in 1997 and the excellent SummerSlam ’92 have impressed, so expectations are not high here, especially in a year that has seen the WWF’s PPV output at home come up seriously short in the quality stakes. Glancing through the card on offer hardly inspires confidence either. One notable thing regarding the show is that it is the last to be polluted by Vince Russo and his particular brand of horrible booking, as he and Ed Ferrara both upped and left the company three days later. Ding dong, the witch is dead! Nearly…


Jim Johnston’s cobbled together track ‘Rebellion’ plays us in, and it just sounds like the backing track in the Rock’s theme on a loop. The crowd is red hot and there is a sea of signs as far as the eye can see. Jim Ross and Michael Hayes host…

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