SummerSlam 2001




Lee Maughan: From the Compaq Center in San Jose, California. Hosts are Jim Ross and Paul Heyman.
WWF Intercontinental Championship
Lance Storm (c) vs. Edge
If he can be serious for a minute, Lance would like to explain how he feels there’s “no place for offbeat shenanigans in this business.” Splendid. They work a fairly competitive back-and-forth match to start, with a flapjack, a flying crossbody and a rolling fireman’s carry slam being the highlights, but Storm soon cranks on the abdominal stretch, much to my disappointment. One could argue that, within the psychology of the match he’s at least attempting to wear Edge down for his finisher, but a rest hold is still a rest hold and it gives off the air that they’re holding back somewhat since they’re jerking the curtain.

They do ramp things up a notch when Edge catches Storm off a springboard and turns it into a powerbomb, and he also hits a tasty sitout powerbomb off a huracanrana attempt, but Storm comes right back and locks in the Canadian Maple Leaf. Edge makes it to the ropes and grabs a half crab of his own, and a few moments later, Christian appears, accidentally missing Storm on a charge and spearing Edge instead. The implication there is that he may have actually speared Edge on purpose, continuing the slow burn of Christian’s heel turn, but Edge kicks out of Storm’s pin attempt and counters a superkick into the Edgecution for the pin. Post-match, Christian grabs the belt and for all the world looks like he’s about to deck Edge with it, which the crowd seem to expect, but they hug it out instead.
Final Rating: ***¼
– Backstage, Test cuts a pretty impassioned promo about why he betrayed the WWF for the Alliance, and manages to call Michael Cole a “bitch” along the way, so points for that.

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