SummerSlam 2001

WCW Cruiserweight Championship
WWF Light Heavyweight Championship
X-Pac (c) vs. Tajiri (c)
This is the first, and in fact only, all-WWF bout tonight, with X-Pac looking to regain the Light Heavyweight title having recently lost it to Tajiri to set this reunification match up. They do some energetic, high-flying stuff, the kind X-Pac hasn’t done in quite some time, and given the SummerSlam setting, that provides flashbacks to his outing with Hakushi back in ‘95.

Tajiri’s in good form tonight too, hitting a nasty tree of woe dropkick and locking in the Tarantula. He follows with a bridging German suplex but X-Pac sends him to the outside and follows quickly with a topé con hilo. Back inside, X-Pac avoids a handspring elbow and hits the X-Factor but it only gets two, so X-Factor stablemate Albert (now teammate since Justin Credible joined the Alliance) comes out to run interference, making us three for three on that particular scorecard tonight. Tajiri catches him with red mist but the distraction is enough for X-Pac to hit a second X-Factor and re-link the two belts. Oddly enough, in a very un-WWF move, they would quickly jettison their own Light Heavyweight title but keep WCW’s Cruiserweight crown, albeit with WWF branding. Solid match here, and it was nice to have the old Sean Waltman back for one night too.
Final Rating: **½
– Meanwhile, Perry Saturn is searching for the recently abducted Moppy over at WWF New York.

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