Survivor Series ’99

Survivor Series Elimination Match
The Hollys & Too Cool vs. Edge & Christian & The Hardy Boyz
Having fought tooth and nail in an epic ladder match last month, Edge & Christian and the Hardy Boyz are now teaming. Obviously. Everyone in this is solid and capable of plenty of effort and energy, and with so many guys in there this could be very good indeed. And plenty of effort and energy is exactly what we get in the first few minutes, though the crowd are surprisingly quiet, clearly burned out from the last match. Matt Hardy takes a vicious slingshot powerbomb on the outside from Grandmaster Sexay, which starts a series of dives and Jeff getting backdropped over the ropes onto everyone in another crazy spot. Sexay hits a bulldog on Christian and stops off to put some goggles on, but misses whatever he was going for in the corner and wipes out the camera man. Edge goes spear crazy and wipes everyone out, including, inadvertently, his own partner Matt. Jeff then gets sent into Edge, and Hardcore rolls him up for the three. Immediately afterwards Scotty comes in with a sudden death DDT from the top on Matt, and that is him out of the match too. The heels are bossing this. Not that the Hollys or Too Cool are particularly heelish mind you. Scotty does the Worm before it was over, and Too Cool drill Jeff with a spike powerbomb, but he kicks out. Sexay channels the Divas division with a hairtoss, as Lawler refers to the rainbow haired Hardy as a “hippy” which prompts a verbal battering from JR. The announcers then get into a good natured and richly entertaining verbal sparring battle, when JR asks: “Brian Christopher or Grandmaster Sexay. How do you spell that, anyway? S-e-x-y? or S-e-x-a-y? You ain’t got a clue, forget it, you’re talking about hippies here!” Lawler responds in equally amusing fashion, telling JR: “I don’t know, I don’t go around asking people how they spell their names! I’m more interested in where they played football…” The latter comment obviously being a reference to JR’s obsession with football and guys’ sporting backgrounds. I enjoy King and JR when they bicker and argue. Things in the ring then break down horribly when Hardcore and Crash start arguing, and Terri gets on the ropes to distract Sexay. Too much going on at once and nothing actually happening at the same time. Then suddenly Jeff hits a 450 splash and that’s the end of Scotty. Christian and Jeff try Poetry in Motion, but it doesn’t come off and the Tennessee Jam finishes off Jeff. Sexay immediately follows thanks to Christian’s DDT, leaving us with the Hollys against Christian. The crowd still doesn’t care, unfortunately. Christian manages to survive and gets rid of Crash with the Unprettier, but seconds later Hardcore drops down on a victory roll attempt and scores the win. Lots of moves and spots happened, but it was all a bit messy and disjointed for my liking. It could and probably should have been way better, but as it is it was only decent.
Final Rating: **¾


Backstage, Shane updates us on Austin’s condition and confirms that he is out of the triple threat. Well, duh.

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