Survivor Series ’99

WWF Tag Team Championship
The New Age Outlaws (c) vs. Al Snow & Mankind
Despite being heels and having potentially just been involved in a hit and run, the Outlaws still do their sing-a-long entrance and seek crowd approval. Wha? That is idiotic. Jerry Lawler quite rightly points out that Billy Gunn hasn’t been seen at all tonight, and that all signs point to him as being the driver of the car that ran Austin down. Yep, it certainly would have made more sense than Rikishi, that’s for sure. “Mankind gave Al Snow head last week on SmackDown!” says JR, and it is hard to tell if knew he what he was saying or if he just fuddled into it. We are now entering the twilight of Mick Foley’s career as an active full-time performer, and boy does it show. His look is the worst it has ever been (to this point, I hasten to add, because it gets worse) and here he wears a dirty white shirt and tie, sweatpants and white sneakers. He is also looking fairly big, and he hobbles around, struggling badly with his knees. Compare this to the past few years where he was one of the premiere performers on the roster, and his efforts in this are fairly noticeably lacking. I guess it is not his fault given the injuries, but it is tough to watch his decline. How he managed to then turn things around so quickly and impressively two months later when he was reborn for two immense PPV matches against Triple H as Cactus Jack, is beyond me. You don’t go from lumbering and crocked to career best performances in that short a timeframe, you just don’t. This match is insufferably boring, and it goes a draining 14-minutes! Which sicko’s idea of a joke is this? The crowd are silent, they just don’t care at all. The Outlaws just run formula for an age on Al Snow before the tag to Mankind, which must be really unsatisfying for a creative performer like Mick Foley to be involved in. Suddenly stuff does start happening, with Dogg getting a near fall on Mankind after a Gunn Fameasser, and then the challengers getting some near falls of their own. Dogg trips Mankind on the outside, and a spike piledriver puts him away. Billy Gunn looks positively livid about the victory, or perhaps he is just being reflective and pensive because he has just ran down Steve Austin (in storyline terms). I strongly suspect that Gunn being the driver was in fact the plan, and he was directed to play things this way. Well that, or he is just appalled with himself for having being involved in that dog of a match.
Final Rating: ½*

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