Survivor Series ’99

Summary: It’s a very middling show at best, but the Steve Austin angle makes it memorable, though for all the wrong reasons. Advertising a main event PPV match and then changing it during the show is not acceptable practice, and the WWF are lucky there wasn’t a bigger adverse reaction to them for doing that. The two best matches on the card are good but with flaws, and many of the others just flat out sucked. This is par for the course in 1999 though, and when you watch back the cards the WWF were putting on, it is amazing to see just how well they were doing in every aspect of the company with regards to television ratings, live attendance and PPV buys. They had all that success, and yet the product pretty much sucked. There is nothing on here worth going out of your way to see, so this is not recommended viewing.
Verdict: 34

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