Survivor Series ’99

Survivor Series Elimination Match
The Godfather, D’Lo Brown & The Headbangers vs. The Dudley Boyz & The Acolytes
Everyone on Team Godfather is dressed like a pimp, and the Headbangers look pretty damn ace. It tickles Godfather big time, who rolls around on the canvas laughing. Wait and minute… THE HEADBANGERS!? Man, those guys were well past their sell-by-date in 1997! This is early into the Dudleys’ WWF run, and they are still clad in their tie-dye garb, having not yet made the switch to camo gear in order to make them a WWF branded creation. Bubba still stutters too, and wants a piece of the “h-h-h-h-h-h-hos”. “N-n-n-n-n-n-no” says the Godfather. The Headbangers both wear big Scouser perm wigs as part of their pimpin’ attire, and attempt to work the match in them until spoilsport Bubba rips Mosh’s off. The opening exchanges between Bubba and Mosh are actually very lively, with Mosh looking better than he has in years. Thrasher’s hair is massive, and seeing him fly around the ring with it atop his head is richly comical. It doesn’t last long either, with Bradshaw hitting Thrasher so hard that it falls off his head. The pace continues to be electric, and then BAM, Thrasher is murdered with the Clothesline from Hell. So long. 4-3 heels, the way it should be. Bradshaw brings Godfather in with a middle finger, but it turns out to be a dumb move because Faarooq had Mosh beat, but the ref ended up distracted. Mosh lasts a little longer and continues to impress me with his kinetic energy, before succumbing to 3D. 4-2. D’Lo comes in for the first time with Bubba, but then gets absolutely annihilated by Bradshaw with a chair. Realising he has been disqualified, Bradshaw decides to drill Bubba with it too just for kicks, and boy does he ever. God, I love Bradshaw! Faarooq and D-Von can’t get it together after that, and fight each other when they can’t decide who pins D’Lo. They fight to the back and both get counted out, leaving us 2-1 babyfaces. Sky High gets a two count, but Bubba keeps fighting, which is backwards really with him being the heel. They go up top and D’Lo looks for a superplex or a rana, but you can’t do that shit to Bubba, and he hits his vicious top rope Bubba Bomb, but it only gets two. Hey, this is Survivor Series!; That’s a three count and then some! D’Lo gets the hot tag and Godfather finally gets in the match, which is smart booking because he is easily the worst of all the guys and obviously all sizzle and no steak. He hits the Ho Train and D’Lo comes off the top with his frog splash, and this time Bubba is done. I enjoyed this; it was a really fun opener and was non-stop for the duration of its 9-minutes. That along with the amusing attire of the babyfaces and the extra effort from the Headbangers, as well as the sheer bastardry of Bradshaw, made this a surprisingly good watch.
Final Rating: ***

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