Survivor Series ’99

Shawn Stasiak vs. Kurt Angle
An historic moment then, as this is the PPV debut of Shawn Stasiak! Oh, and Kurt Angle too… In less than a year he will be WWF Champion and one of the best workers AND characters on the roster. Angle that is, not Stasiak. He is a heel, but acts like a clean-cut 80’s style babyface. “This is a different style of WWF competition than we are used to seeing, quite frankly” says JR. Yes, because he actually wrestles. As Nirvana said: “I know, I know: a dirty word”. The Attitude crowd doesn’t give a flying damn of course, because they just want to see tits and weapons and hear catchphrases. Stasiak is not a good opponent for Angle, because he is tedious. He also gets a good deal of this match, which is ass backwards. Angle resorts to a clothesline and stops off to cut a promo on the crowd, berating them for booing an Olympic gold medallist. Then he gets back in the ring and Stasiak goes back to a chinlock, a move he has used for the majority of this match. Unforgivable really, as the whole thing only goes less than 6-minutes. After getting battered for most of the match, Angle hits the Olympic Slam and that is that. Boring match, but things will get better for Kurt, a man I consider to be one of the greatest in-ring performers of his generation.
Final Rating: ½*

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