Survivor Series ’99

X-Pac vs. Kane
This is personal, as it is a battle of former partners. The WWF of course added a bunch of fluff to the story as it progressed and ended up making it too silly to care about, but here it still makes sense. Pac stabbed Kane in the back, and Kane wants revenge. Backstage earlier on, Michael Cole interviewed Kane and his love interest Tori, and the latter cut a really good promo that was both subtle and engaging, getting across the point in just a few words. That’s all they needed! Just let things play out organically rather than over seasoning everything with crap. Tori also makes a remark about X-Pac’s “little hose”, which readers can observe for themselves by watching his porno with Chyna. “Hos? Like the Godfather’s hos?” asks Lawler. “Hose! S…E” responds JR. “Ahhhhhh” says Lawler, who finally understands. Kane does his usual ring post fire gimmick, but Pac knows the drill to a tee and jumps Kane during it to try and gain an advantage. It doesn’t work for long because Kane is just so big. “These guys were partners for a long, long time” says Lawler, as “a long, long time” is redefined in the WWF as meaning “a few months”. Remember when teams would be together for years, sometimes decades, and sometimes, just sometimes, NOT turn on each other!? They trade the advantage while not really doing much, before Kane catches the Bronco Buster and then hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Kane is starting to dominate, and a chokeslam would finish before the screamingly predictable interference from Road Dogg breaks it up. Kane deals with him but gets caught with the X-Factor, but he kicks out. Pac comes off the top but gets caught in the Tombstone, which brings out Triple H with a belt shot for the DQ. DX put a 3-on-1 beating on Kane, which brings out Tori for the… save? What is she gonna do!? What she ends up doing is spinning X-Pac around, but on instinct he turns around with a reactionary spin kick and accidentally wipes her out. This INSTANTLY revives Kane, and DX scarper. The timing on that spot was exceptional though, so much credit for that. A decade later, the involvement of Triple H in this match would have probably led to a PPV title shot for Kane, but that opportunity never comes. It was just interference for the sake of dragging out another match or two between the former tag partners. At least their next bout is in a cage, which does make sense. The match here was crap and didn’t have a finish, but that post-match kick spot really was great.
Final Rating:


Backstage, The Rock starts into a promo but gets jumped by Triple H, and they end up having a pull-apart brawl.

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