Survivor Series ’99

Handicap Survivor Series Elimination Match
The Big Show vs. The Big Bossman, Prince Albert, Mideon & Viscera
The leanest guy in the ring of five is Mideon… Mideon! And boy does my favourite wrestler ever look the part tonight, bedecked as he is in loose fitting sweats and with badly applied face paint adorning his fat redneck mush. He looks and acts like a 5-year-old playing dress-up wrestler. Video Control goes wild with clips, showing us the Big Bossman reciting a poem about Show’s deceased father, and then stealing his casket at the funeral. Distasteful, inconsiderate crap. It’s just an example of the WWF doing something for the sole purpose of getting a reaction. Did it make anyone want to pay to see Bossman-Show? No. Nothing could. Finally we see Show destroying his own team of the Blue Meanie, Taka Michinoku and Sho Funaki as Meanie pleads “we’re on your side” as he gets hurled into a wall. Show wants to do this thing alone. Wow, can you imagine a superb worker like Taka in there with Phineas Godwin and Mabel? Show is looking lean and mean here and he obliterates the opposition in record time. Mideon goes after just 18-seconds from a chokeslam and Albert follows with still less than 30-seconds on the clock. The crowd goes crazy for Show slamming and chokeslamming Viscera out before a minute has even passed, and then Bossman legs it and gets counted out. The whole thing lasts less than 90-seconds! It’s the second wise decision that the WWF have made tonight regarding match times. This show (pardon the pun) of complete dominance is exactly how Show should have been booked in his WWF run. It is one of the few times he has felt like a monster, and the crowd reacted to him like he was a star. It’s too short to even rate, but I actually enjoyed what they did here. It made sense.
Final Rating: Not rated (too short)


Backstage, something quite important occurs. It starts with Triple H and Steve Austin having a brawl while Road Dogg creeps around, clearly up to mischief. Austin searches for Hunter in the arena’s parking garage and then he becomes the victim of a hit and run, as a car ploughs into him. Vince McMahon, Stephanie, Shane, head of security Jim Dawson, Test and EMTs quickly arrive on the scene, and JR leaves the commentary desk to go and check on his friend. DX show up and deny any involvement, and Vince slaps Hunter in the face and calls him a son-of-a-bitch. “It’s not something we do” says Hunter as they leave the area.

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