Unforgiven ’99




James Dixon: This is a very notable show for one very good reason: it marked the final time Vince Russo and his poisoned pen would ever scribe anything for pay to air television in the WWF. A momentous occasion certainly, and as the tremendous year 2000 will prove, they were far better off without him. Russo’s departure was typical of him, as he let himself become consumed with his own hype and started to genuinely believe that he was the one-man-band who single-handedly turned the WWF around. Everyone with any smarts knows the truth: that Russo threw a million ideas at the wall and Vince McMahon filtered the worst and went with the “best”. Russo jumped ship to an ailing WCW in an attempt to turn their fortunes around, but ended up tanking the company in record time, proving to everyone what they already knew: that he was a complete and total blowhard fraud. It is hard to suppress a large grin at his fate.


We get a shot of all the WWF referees, who are outside the venue picketing over unfair working conditions. Scab referees have been appointed for the matches tonight. The fact that anyone involved in the WWF is trying to put together a union is just dripping with irony and smacks of McMahon lording it over anyone who has ever tried.


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