Global Warning Tour: Melbourne


James Dixon: Global Warning marks WWE’s first foray onto Australian soil since 1986, and the show held at Melbourne’s Colonial Stadium is built around Hulk Hogan wrestling in the main event. Or at least, it was. Unfortunately for the 56,000 strong in attendance, Hogan decided not to honour his commitment, causing a number of angry Aussies to demand refunds. It wouldn’t be the last time WWE advertised him for an Australian tour and had to pull him from the card. The same thing happened again in 2015 when the story of Hogan’s racist tirades hit the mainstream, causing WWE to sack him and remove him from everything, including a forthcoming Australian tour. This event is basically a souped-up house show, only held in front of a massive audience. Very similar to The Big Event from a decade and a half earlier, which drew a monster crowd in Toronto, WWE have filmed it. This is a SmackDown! brand presentation, so hosts are Michael Cole and Tazz.

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