Judgment Day 2003



Dan Hey: We’re in Flair Country, Charlotte, NC. The show is another joint RAW and SmackDown! production. Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler will be calling the red team action, while Michael Cole and Tazz take over for the blue side. ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin has recently been brought back to the WWE as an on-screen co-GM. He’ll be involved in yet another feud with an authority figure, this time with the other co-GM, Eric Bischoff. Kevin Nash and Big Show are involved in the respective World Heavyweight and WWE Championship matches in the main events, so I’m not expecting much from this show. We start with the familiar sound of shattering glass and out comes Austin to an enormous pop. J.R. refers to him as “America’s favourite beer drinker.” He cuts a promo, to which the crowd chant, “What?” The short of it is that he’s going to watch the show in a skybox and get pissed. He actually looks blown up and a little out of shape here.

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