Monday Night Raw (05/31/93)


Arnold Furious: We’re in Manhattan, New York. Hosts are Vince McMahon, Randy Savage & Bobby Heenan. The crowd is smoking hot again as they run down the card.


WWF Intercontinental Championship
Marty Jannetty (c) vs. Bam Bam Bigelow
The ladies are out here in force, with Sensational Sherri in Jannetty’s corner and Luna Vachon in Bigelow’s. They had a dilly of a fight on an April episode of Raw. The ladies go at it before the bell, only for Bigelow to use the distraction to jump the champ. Jannetty is motivated so he throws himself into bumps. 360 spin bumps ahoy! Bigelow is enthusiastic too and the result is a heated contest. Jannetty uses his speed and adds in punches. The old “stick and move”. Jannetty takes a backdrop and flips in mid-air to land on his feet. Jannetty blows a headscissors takeover and starts trying for more, only for Bigelow to drop back in the electric chair. It’s reminiscent of Jannetty going to the well against Shawn Michaels on headscissors. The same thing happened. That takes the edge off Jannetty and slows him down. Jannetty without his speed gets crushed by Bigelow’s size and power. Bigelow is a bit predictable though, often hitting the same spot two times running, and this gives Marty an opening. Bigelow sets himself too early and Jannetty takes advantage with a superkick and a pair of dropkicks. Bigelow sets with a backbreaker, but Sherri grabs the ankle to save the title. Bigelow takes a spill to the floor and Jannetty follows with a PLANCHA. Sherri distracts Bigelow as he’s heading back in and Jannetty wins on count out. This was a good showing for Jannetty as champ and Bigelow was the right man to work with. It put Marty over as resilient and skilful. Bigelow is big and scary but can still take the little man spots. Good choice of match from Vince and co.
Time: 9:08
Final Rating: ***¼


Post Match: Sherri calls Luna out, Luna obliges and they have a brawl. Bigelow gives Luna an assist as she’s getting creamed. Tatanka runs in to make the save as Jannetty is still down from the match. Tatanka must have had a wager with someone as he blatantly feels Sherri up on camera while checking on her.


The Steiner Brothers vs. Rich Myers & The Executioner
Rick starts out by decapitating The Executioner with a lariat. If I was Rich Myers, I wouldn’t tag in. Scotty picks Myers up with a delayed belly-to-belly suplex. Scott even makes a snapmare look violent. The Steiners just loved killing jobbers. Heenan calls Myers a “ham and egger”, which sets Vince off on the Sean Waltman angle again. Yeah, these guys are not beating The Steiners. Unless one of them has a gun. Even then, it’d probably just piss Scott off. He’s like a charging rhino. STEINER SCREWDRIVER!!! Holy shit! Scott just throws out the most dangerous move in wrestling and doesn’t even FINISH WITH IT. Doomsday Bulldog finishes. The Executioner never got back in after that lariat. This was just a terrific enhancement match. The Steiner’s squashes have been routinely the best in the company.
Time: 4:03
Final Rating: **


Mr. Hughes vs. Bert Centeno
I love Centeno’s selling. He takes his bumps fine but then puffs his cheeks out. He puffs his cheeks out more in this match than I have in the last decade. It must be exhausting. Bossman slam finishes.
Time: 3:00
Final Rating: ¼*


Video Control takes us to the latest King of the Ring report, brought to you by ICOPRO! Nothing of note.


Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Bill Thomas
Duggan is clearly trying to angle himself into a title match with Yokozuna, with the roster a bit thin. His Pro-USA stuff is a good fit for Yokozuna’s title reign. Duggan runs through the normal while Heenan and Vince debate the medical issues Howard Finkel has been having. He’s in hospital for a minor “personal” operation. Cryptic. Duggan finishes with a clothesline after minimal effort. Hacksaw gets the US flag in the ring and, because it’s Memorial Day, they pledge allegiance to the stars and bars.
Time: 2:18
Final Rating: ½*


Video Control takes us to the 1-2-3 Kid. He leaves his personality at home. He talks about Razor’s challenge and the $5k that Ramon has put up for a rematch. Kid pussies out and turns it down in case Razor messes him up. I’m not sure that was the smartest way to handle the angle but the crowd seem to agree because they figure Razor will kill the poor guy.


Razor Ramon vs. Tony Roy
This is Razor’s first jobber match since Kid beat him. Savage leads the New Yorkers in a “1-2-3” chant and Tony Roy promptly rolls Razor up… for 2. The crowd briefly suspected Razor would take another job to an enhancement guy, which was the beauty of the angle. Now The Kid has gone over Razor, the WWF is this environment where anything can happen. Razor gets distracted by the chants again and is again rolled up… for 2. The crowd starts chanting “we want The Kid”. Razor’s response? BACK SUPERPLEX and Roy lands on his neck. He’s dead. Razor’s Edge on the corpse confirms it and Roy didn’t land that too safely either.
Time: 3:23
Final Rating:


Promo Time: Yokozuna & Mr Fuji
Vince gets on his high horse about Fuji waving the Japanese flag around. Fuji butchers his response. I have no idea what he’s saying. As Yoko says “Hulkamania will die”, which is true, Vince gets even more enraged. Vince’s national pride and overexcited vitriol made a nothing segment quite entertaining.




Most Entertaining: Scott Steiner. In a jobber match he breaks out the Steiner Screwdriver? I love this guy.


Least Entertaining: Mr. Hughes. Extremely dull squash from him.


Quote of the Night: “Heck of a reception for Billy the Brain” – Bobby Heenan talking about then president Bill Clinton.


Match of the Night: Marty Jannetty vs. Bam Bam Bigelow


Summary: Considering there was only one competitive match it was quite an entertaining show. Both the Steiners and Razor Ramon squashes had a little extra about them. The Steiners because of the moves, Razor because of the story. Plus the only competitive match, between Jannetty and Bigelow, was pretty good.
Verdict: 38

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