No Mercy 2002



Arnold Furious: We’re in Little Rock, Arkansas. Hosts are Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler for the RAW brand plus Michael Cole & Tazz for SmackDown! We kick off backstage where the Brothers of Destruction have a chat about their title opportunities. Kane became the charismatic one during 2002, having great fun putting a swerve on the character and turning it into something different.


Until Katie Vick.


So that would be two potential World Champions murdered by the Triple H title run of ’02. Don’t worry, he’ll get around to Booker T in due course as well. On the other side of the company and the REAL World Title we have a Hell in a Cell tonight between The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar. Nobody is getting disqualified or counted out this evening. It’s an almost direct repetition of the booking in 1997 where Taker was gunning for Shawn Michaels, although there was no belt on the line in that match.

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