No Way Out 2003



Arnold Furious: We’re in Montreal, Quebec. As we revisit these shows, I am finding that there is so much that I don’t clearly remember about WWE in early 2003. After Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit had their classic encounter at the Royal Rumble, along with Triple H and Scott Steiner’s anti-classic, my brain appears to have blanked out everything until WrestleMania XIX. This card boasts a few big contests; The Rock vs. Hulk Hogan II (which I vaguely remember as being bad), Triple H vs. Scott Steiner II (which I vaguely remember as being bad) and The Undertaker vs. The Big Show (which, you guessed it…). The only match I clearly recall the storyline for is Kidman vs. Matt Hardy, as V1 was aiming to lose weight for the match as it’s for the Cruiserweight Title, and he was ten pounds too heavy. This is a joint promoted show featuring talent from RAW and SmackDown! and yet barely creeps past the two and a half hour mark. Jim Ross is missing this show selling a concussion angle from RAW where he took a beating from RAW GM Eric Bischoff. He’s replaced by the far inferior Jonathan Coachman. I actually quite like Coach as a backstage interviewer, but he was the drizzling shits as an announcer, perhaps even worse than Michael Cole. He is joined behind the announce desk by Jerry Lawler for the red team bouts, with Cole and Tazz covering the blue squad.

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