No Way Out 2003

World Tag Team Championship
The Un-Americans (c) vs. Rob Van Dam & Kane
This incarnation of the Un-Americans is Lance Storm and William Regal, who usually use the anti-American sentiment to get the crowd riled, up but that’s impossible in Canada. The crowd focus in on a love of RVD to stop the atmosphere being weird two matches in a row. Van Dam vs. Storm has always been a quality match, and they run a sequence clean out of ECW. RVD vs. Regal however is the proverbial clash of styles. The instances of RVD vs. Storm is enough to make me want a singles match instead of a tag, as that has singles bout has a ***½ baseline. Regal takes one of Rob’s educated feet across the dome and he’s completely jiggered. Another mark against poor Van Dam, as Regal is one of Triple H’s buddies. Coach tries to blame a Kane slam, but that came after Regal was already woozy. They work through the issue and Regal regains his senses. He’s lucky Lance was able to spot the problem and wing a plan to sort it, one of the benefits of having great wrestlers around in tag matches. Regal gets a modicum of revenge by dumping Rob on his head off a suplex, while Kane gets himself into trouble as his mask gets twisted around and he can’t see. Lance then smartly pushes RVD into Kane to eat a blind chokeslam for the loss. The errant Rob kick on Regal derailed this somewhat, and it took a while to get back on track.
Final Rating: **½


Video Control takes us backstage where Matt Hardy calls Jeff Hardy out for his win/loss record, and suggests he wouldn’t have gotten beaten if he was an MF’er (Mattitude Follower, as opposed to motherfucker) like Shannon Moore.

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