No Way Out 2003

World Heavyweight Championship
Triple H (c) vs. Scott Steiner
Here it is, the rematch nobody wanted to see. Steiner won their Rumble match on a DQ, so they built up a rematch based on that, despite the crowd hating the first bout. In the process Triple H formed Evolution to give him the necessary power base to dominate the RAW title scene. Hunter would end up using Evolution to keep the title until September when Goldberg turned up. Triple H, the company’s leading heel, gets a big pop, and the crowd turn on Steiner, squarely blaming him for the terrible Rumble match from the start. It probably doesn’t help the crowd’s mindset that Earl “you screwed Bret HartHebner is the ref. After about a minute they shit all over Steiner’s every move and loudly cheer Hunter’s comebacks. The whole match is backwards. Steiner is used to being booed and pretty much works the match heel. Hunter looks both perplexed and irritated that Steiner works over his legitimately injured thigh. The crowd hate everything Scott does, including attacking Flair for interfering. Not satisfied with any aspect of the match, the crowd start to chant “boring”. It’s a little harsh and it’s largely because the smart fans, who make up the majority in Montreal, hate both men for political and wrestling reasons. They could have had a great match and nobody would have popped a damn thing. The match is booked all wrong, with Hunter shoving Hebner around in an attempt to get himself disqualified, but getting popped for it because the crowd hate Hebner and actually want the match to end. WWE should have known better. As the boos echo around, it starts to effect the wrestlers and they flub a counter into the White Thunder. Thankfully the match doesn’t go the agonising seventeen minutes that it did at the Rumble, but it does struggle up to the thirteen minute mark with both guys sucking down air. The moves aren’t crisp or clean, and it’s only when Steiner starts popping off suplexes that the match gains any worth. The action takes it out of Scotty though, and he’s absolutely gassed, getting nothing behind any of his moves. They should have known Scott couldn’t work for longer than about eight minutes after the Rumble, but persist with the length, due to the short show. Steiner has nothing in the tank and Hunter finishes with the Pedigree. Hunter’s usual dull match style was offset by an out of shape Steiner not being able to carry his end. It’s not a total disaster, but all of Steiner’s early effort blew him up and wrecked the second half.
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