No Way Out 2003

Steve Austin vs. Eric Bischoff
This came about because Vince McMahon gave Eric Bischoff thirty days to turn RAW into a better show. Yes, WWE were actually admitting that their own product sucked. Bischoff took that to mean bringing Steve Austin back. Austin had been missing from the WWE for eight months after taking his ball and going home when asked to do a clean job for Brock Lesnar on RAW. Lesnar got over regardless. Austin’s last televised match was with Ric Flair in June 2002. Bischoff hasn’t worked a match since 2000 in WCW when he beat Terry Funk for the Hardcore Title (WCW!). Bischoff was a fairly legitimate athlete and did compete in karate, but he’s not a “World Champion” as was claimed on TV. Jim Ross, injured by Bischoff a week ago, joins commentary for this match. Austin’s deafening pop would probably be even louder if the crowd knew how many matches were left in Stone Cold’s career (three, including this one). He’d be retired a month later with recurring neck problems. Two of the three matches were against Eric Bischoff. The other is an epic, torch-passing showdown with The Rock at WrestleMania. Austin completely dominates the five minute match with Bischoff’s only offence a kick to Steve’s chest, which the ‘Texas Rattlesnake’ laughs off. Austin has a few japes by having Bischoff “kick out” of two Stunners, with Steve rolling Eric’s shoulder for him. Double digit salute and a crazy outta control Stunner finishes for Austin. Jim Ross completely oversells the finish yelling, “Stone Cold, Stone Cold, Stone Cold,” over and over again to the point where Coach breaks on live TV. The match was nothing, but the pop was insane.
Final Rating: N/R

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