SummerSlam 2002


James Dixon: Going into this card there was an air of cautious optimism because of how strong it looked on paper, but there was also a sense of irritation because WWE was forcing their newest plaything, Brock Lesnar, down everyone’s throats. He hadn’t particularly impressed in his first few outings, but he was a quick learner, and by the time SummerSlam rolled around fans were ready and willing to accept him as their new saviour. Where the likes of Lex Luger, Diesel and Billy Gunn had all been given huge pushes and failed historically, Brock was a different beast. SummerSlam was to be his night. As well as going boldly into the future, WWE also tuned to the past with the return of the legendary Shawn Michaels. Fans were excited to see HBK return to the ring and were determined to enjoy this one-off treat. Nobody expected him to stick around for nearly another decade!


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