SummerSlam 2002

Rey Mysterio vs. Kurt Angle
This is Rey’s WWE pay-per-view debut, and WWE have given him a great opponent to work with in order that he can show off his impressive move set. Angle is resplendent in white and red stripes tonight, which isn’t the most intimidating look, but it is memorable. Rey starts the match catching Kurt by surprise from the apron, and immediately they go at it ten to the dozen. Angle tries for the ankle lock early, Rey tries for the 619. Angle slows Rey by dragging him out of the ring onto his face, then demonstrates how much fun it is working with a much smaller opponent by catching a wheelbarrow into a German suplex. Angle keeps the match at his pace, though because it is Kurt and he has an absorbing style of working, it is a fun heat to watch. Rey attempts comebacks, but Kurt has him scouted and switches his offence, such as turning a head scissors into a sidewalk slam. Angle starts to go for the leg, looking to soften Rey up for the ankle lock, and pounds away at Rey when he gets feisty. Mysterio again tries to mount a comeback, only for Kurt to catch him running in a belly-to-belly. Angle goes for the Angle Slam, which Rey counters into an armdrag, buying himself some time with a dropkick to the outside. Rey tries to fly, but the referee stops him, so Rey vaults over him with a somersault hilo. Springboard legdrop to the back of the head follows, getting a near fall that the crowd totally buy. They believe Rey can win this, and have no problem suspending their disbelief. They go into some great near misses with an ankle lock from Kurt and the 619 followed by the West Coast Pop from Rey, but neither gets the job done. Rey looks to finish with a rana from the top, which Kurt escapes in a rather untidy way, then Angle taps Rey with the ankle lock. Really good opener, though it was a shame they had to beat Mysterio right out of the chute.
Final Rating: ***½

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