SummerSlam 2002

WWE Tag Team Championship
The Un-Americans (c) vs. Booker T & Goldust
For anyone who has forgotten, Lance Storm and Christian (and Test and William Regal) are the Un-Americans, an anti-USA gimmick that sees them waving an upside down American flag. Yes, in 2002, WWE were still going for cheap xenophobia to draw heat. Goldust and Booker are a rare example of an odd couple tag team who managed to get over by being so over the top and quirky that they were entertaining. Sure, it is a step down for Booker, who was headlining this event last year in a WCW Championship match with The Rock, but at least he is over. Things soon settle into standard tag formula with the champs working over Goldust, prompting “USA” chants from the crowd. They use every 80s’ heel trick in the book, from blind tags, to distracting Booker, to cutting off a hot tag with a front face lock. They even do the hot tag behind the referee’s back spot. It is the same match we have all seen countless times, only with different names and faces executing it. They do the same near tag spot again, leading to the referee getting distracted by Booker and acting completely oblivious to Lance and Christian bringing chairs into play with the intention of hitting a Conchairto. They even bang them on the mat first before missing, crashing the chairs together with a mighty bang. Ref Nick Patrick plays dumb, and even kicks one of the chairs out of the ring without flinching. It’s nonsense, really. Booker finally gets the tag and goes to town, but the ref gets taken out inadvertently. Booker doesn’t care, and takes out both of the champs with an axe kick, before scoring a visual win with a kick to Christian’s face. Lance tries to run in with the belt, and gets taken out, then Test charges in and kicks Booker in the face, allowing Christian to cover for the win. There was nothing wrong with the execution of this, as you might expect, but it was nothing that hasn’t been done thousands of times before.
Final Rating: **

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