SummerSlam 2002

Test vs. The Undertaker
Hands up anyone who is looking forward to this? Yeah, I thought as much. In an era where workrate is becoming important again, mainly thanks to Paul Heyman booking SmackDown! like a wrestling show rather than a freak show, this match stands as a reminder of who is actually in charge (Vince McMahon) and what he likes to watch: oversized guys clubbering. Taker looks to run through his spots early, but Test evades Old School by shoving the ref into the ropes and crotching Taker, then sends ‘Big Evil’ into the steps. Taker sells for a while, but he is not particularly good at it, so the match in turn is not good either. Test soon runs out of things he can do against someone as big as Taker, so goes to an armbar. Thrilling. When Benoit and Guerrero were using holds in their matches, it was for the purpose of psychology, it was leading somewhere. Test is doing it to pass time, and everybody knows it. Taker’s comebacks draw zero reaction from the Nassau Coliseum faithful, who are evidently as bored as I am. Taker hits Old School to a customary cheer, then after a few switches and counters he hits a chokeslam. Not any old chokeslam, mind, but a “red white and blue, real American chokeslam,” according to JR. That draws out the Un-Americans, whom Taker brings into the ring and single-handedly destroys. There’s nothing like having your tag champs treated like a pair of insignificant jobbers. Test connects with a big boot, but Taker kicks out. Test brings a chair in, and the ref doesn’t see it, or Taker booting it back into Test’s face. He does see it lying in the ring though, but like Nick Patrick earlier he simply kicks it out of the ring. Tombstone and that is all she wrote. Not much to see here.
Final Rating: *

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