SummerSlam 2003



James Dixon: Going into SummerSlam, many fans suspected that it was the night for Goldberg to finally erase memories of the bad booking that had plagued his first few months in WWE and capture the big one from the omnipotent Triple H. It felt like it was Goldberg’s time to shine and lead the company into 2004 as the figurehead of the RAW brand. How foolish we all were. The card also features a couple of blow-offs of long-running programs, with Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar meeting again on PPV to battle over the SmackDown! version of the WWE Championship (the real one), and former tag partners Rob Van Dam and Kane meeting for the first time since their split and Kane’s unmasking.


Tangent: The cover for the DVD release of the show is inexplicable. Sable barely features other than acting as valet for A-Train of all people. Around this time WWE covers became very generic, and usually centred around half-naked women who had nothing to do with the show. I guess DVD sales were down and they were desperate to turn it around, so they went with the tactic of trying to appeal to horny wrestling fans worldwide. I doubt it made any difference. WWE covers used to be awesome in the 80s and 90s, they nearly all universally suck in the noughties.


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