Survivor Series 2002



Arnold Furious: We’re in New York City at Madison Square Garden. There’s something about MSG shows that are unmistakably special. Well, there was. As the years went by, Kevin Dunn managed to turn MSG, one of the world’s most famous arenas, into just another building due to his obsession with getting every building to look the same. Day after day. Week after week. Month after month. Year after spirit-crushing year. Changing the appearance of a building will do nothing for the in-ring action, but it does give the viewer an opportunity to relate to locales. In earlier volumes of this series when the WWF filmed house shows and put them on tape, you could always tell which arena they were running in. These days you can’t glance at an arena WWE runs instantly tell where it is anymore. Everything is the same. It’s a shame. At least here they retain the entranceway opposite the camera, and you can tell it’s the Garden, even with the usual WWE dressing.


The two big title matches at Survivor Series are completely different in set up. The WWE Title is being defended in a bog-standard singles match where Brock Lesnar defends against the newly traded Big Show, formerly of the RAW brand. Paul Heyman isn’t pleased with Brock’s decision, as he wanting him to take some easier title defences after his Hell in a Cell epic against The Undertaker. Over on RAW, Eric Bischoff has pitched a whole new concept to headline Survivor Series; the Elimination Chamber. I personally thought debuting the match a month after presenting a Hell in a Cell match was a bit strange. However, it doesn’t take away from the feeling that RAW and SmackDown! were jockeying for position, and RAW was keen to steal the PPV show, an area SmackDown! had dominated since the brand split.

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