Vengeance 2002




Lee Maughan: Hosts are SmackDown!’s Michael Cole and Tazz for the first half of the show, and RAW’s Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler for the second half, which results in the odd situation of those teams occasionally calling matches from each other’s brands.


Elimination Tables Match
The Dudley Boyz vs. Chris Benoit & Eddie Guerrero
This is Benoit’s pay-per-view return after the neck injury he suffered at King of the Ring 2001 that put him on the shelf for over a year, and he’s gone from feuding with Steve Austin to this, thanks largely to Austin bailing out on the promotion after refusing to put Brock Lesnar over in a cold match on the June 10th edition of RAW. Since this is post brand split, it’s the lesser version of the Dudleys here with Bubba Ray and Spike. Bubba adorns his baseball jersey and plain black pants that make him look like a lazy fat fuck even though he really isn’t one. The heels actually get the heat on him rather than Spike, which seems like a rather backwards way of going about things, before the Dudleys make the comeback with their usual spots. Bubba misses a senton and crashes through a table, confirming that under WWE rules, putting yourself through a table doesn’t count as an elimination (at least until you decide you need to book a cute finish, in which case it does), and then Spike eliminates Guerrero with a Dudley Dog through another table. Spike actually took most of the brunt of that bump, but he gets to stick around since they already explained the rule about needing to be propelled by someone else. Speaking of being propelled, he gets hoyed through a table on the opposite side by Benoit a few moments later, but back inside, Bubba blocks a German suplex and puts Benoit through the last remaining table with a Bubba Bomb. That was kind of a perplexing finish as Benoit and Guerrero were light years ahead of the Dudleys and looked to be in line for a big push, but it’s not a bad example of a tables match when viewed in a vacuum.
Final Rating: ***¼

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