Vengeance 2003



Arnold Furious: We’re in Denver, Colorado. Hosts are Michael Cole and Tazz. This is only the second American brand split PPV. The UK had hosted three split cards over the past year and the shows were deemed good enough for the North American PPV’s to get split. RAW went first with Bad Blood in June 2003. Vengeance is SmackDown!’s first solo effort. SmackDown! frequently stole the co-promoted shows so expectation was a little higher than for a RAW-only PPV. One small problem; the McMahons realised SmackDown! was considered an inferior brand and wanted to do something to boost the buyrate for this show. So not one but two of the McMahons get a match on this card. Yay.


One of the benefits of SmackDown! getting its own PPVs were that there were no RAW crapfests to eat away at their time. So if they wanted twenty minutes for say Eddie Guerrero vs. Chris Benoit, they could have it. Or fifteen minutes for Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas vs. Billy Kidman & Rey Mysterio. The shill video for the show is incredibly telling though, focusing mostly on Vince McMahon, who can’t leave well alone. He’s booked himself into a match with a one-legged wrestler this evening. Joy of joys.

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