Backlash 2004




Lee Maughan: Hosts are Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler.


Shelton Benjamin vs. Ric Flair
Shelton got drafted out of The World’s Greatest Tag Team onto RAW where he immediately beat Triple H two weeks running in an apparent attempt to create a new singles star, and Evolution kicked his ass in response to set this up. Knowing how big a Sting fan Shelton was growing up, it must be a huge thrill for him to get to work with Flair here, though Flair has sadly reached the point where he’s so old that he basically looks like he’s doing most of his spots in slow motion. Shelton at least looks sharp, especially in the early going, but once Flair takes over it drops to a snail’s pace as he runs through his usual routine. Shelton of course makes sure to get in his Stinger Splash to prevent Flair form using brass knuckles, then finishes with a really awkward-looking flying clothesline off the top. Kudos to fifty-five-year old Flair for doing what he could to try and help Shelton get over, but as it turned out, his push had already peaked with that first Triple H win. So much for Shelton being the breakout star of 2004.
Final Rating: **½

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