Bad Blood 2004





Arnold Furious: Triple H is a strange bloke. We know from his work with charities, his family life, and his work developing youth talent with NXT that he’s a decent guy. Was he a decent guy back in 2004? That’s entirely open for debate. I always felt like he manipulated situations in order to get himself into the prime spots, even though his work often didn’t match the position he was in. In 2004 the top guy in the promotion was Chris Benoit. There’s no doubt about that, and whatever history will ultimately say about Benoit, he was the outstanding in-ring competitor for a good chunk of his run with Titan. In 2004 he was the man. He was the World Champion. But Triple H evidently thought his never-ending feud with Shawn Michaels was more important, so we end up with yet another HHH-HBK main event here, while Benoit is stuck defending his title against Kane in a routine defence. It’s not really gripping programming, unless you were buoyed by the prospect of Shawn and Hunter’s two-year program finally ending… even though it didn’t. 2004 should have been the year where WWE built up a new guy to challenge Benoit, to make the main events fresh. They did that, by bringing through Randy Orton, but rather than serving as a challenger he was allowed to end Benoit’s one and only World Title run, and his SummerSlam title victory in August merely confirmed that WWE didn’t value Benoit as champion. It really made no sense. We’re in Columbus, Ohio. Hosts are Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler.



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