No Way Out 2004



Arnold Furious: We’re in San Francisco, California at the historic Cow Palace. Hosts are Michael Cole and Tazz. Before we get underway, I feel I should point out that this is one of my favourite PPV events ever. The undercard has almost nothing to do with it, but the main event is one of my biggest mark-out moments of all time. Mainly because Eddie Guerrero comes away from the event with the WWE Title. When I was younger my favourite wrestler was Bret Hart, but when he left the WWF in 1997, that was no longer the case. For a while I debated whether I should just confirm that Raven, a favourite of mine since the ECW RAW, should just be given the spot. So when someone asked who my favourite wrestler was it’d be an easy question to respond to instead of getting me into some sort of debate with myself. Sometime during Attitude, most probably when Eddie debuted the “Eddie Guerrero is my favourite wrestler” version of his “Cheat to Win” t-shirt, it swung my opinion in his favour. Since that point, somewhere in 1998-99, Eddie Guerrero had been my favourite wrestler. Seeing him rise through the ranks in WWE was an interesting experience, and I never expected Eddie to become World Champion. Neither did anyone else, and despite rumours prior to this show that Eddie might actually win the strap from the dominant champion Brock Lesnar, I remained on the edge of my seat watching this PPV. Could Eddie really win the WWE Title? Could he really come back from his drug problems and make it to the top of the mountain, winning a title so elusive for former WCW talent? It was the stuff of dreams.


Promo Time: Torrie Wilson and her Mom
Oops, that’s actually Sable. This was around the time they both posed for Playboy together, so Sable’s not allowed to be a heel. Unfortunately, she is allowed to speak. All they collectively manage to say is, “Welcome to No Way Out” and that’s it. Thanks for coming ladies. Could have been worse; they could have had a match.

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