Taboo Tuesday 2004

The next match between Kane and Gene Snitsky has a “weapon of choice”, the winner of the voting being legal to use in the bout.


Lead Pipe: 29%
Steel Chair: 30%
Chain: 41%


Chain Match
Kane vs. Gene Snitsky
This came from the horrendous “Kane rapes Lita then demonically marries her, and the child gets miscarried thanks to Gene Snitsky” angle. That’s a whole lot of crap for one sentence. As a way to introduce a wrestler to the main roster, this was pretty atrocious, and generally any wrestling angles involving pregnancy are the worst. Lita, despite being abused by Kane, has now developed Stockholm Syndrome and is following him around like a lost puppy. The angle isn’t a flash in the pan either and, for some ungodly reason, it continued well into 2005. WWE did the “Kane in a relationship” angle a lot better with Tori, yet that angle was completely finished in a matter of months. Snitsky is the latest in a series of big jacked up freaks to get hired by the WWE. If you’re that size then eventually Vince McMahon will hire you, whether you’re any good or not. Snitsky was okay, considering his size, but this is exactly what you’d expect from two big lumbering guys working a fifteen minute match. The only good news is Snitsky is so desperate to prove himself that he refuses to go to rest holds, and they actually bust their asses. You have to respect effort, even if the guy bringing the effort isn’t a good worker. It salvages the match from wallowing in its own crapulence.

The chain stipulation is an odd one as they clearly have zero plans for it, with it being inserted as a dummy option so they could use a chair throughout the match. Gene gives up and just uses the chair anyway, right in front of the referee, thus rendering the fans vote useless. The idea had been that Kane used the chair in incredibly violent fashion on TV right before this PPV, suggesting to the fans which weapon they should vote for. That backfired. All the stuff with the chain is awful. The whole scenario plays out strangely too, with Snitsky dominating the match by using the weapons. It’s not exactly the violent revenge match expected of Kane. It makes you wonder if Kane really cared about his unborn son. Snitsky manages to Pillmanize Kane’s head and neck with the chair. Kane spits up a load of blood, drawing EMTs down. Snitsky randomly leaves, then comes back, stomps on Kane, and gets the pin. Why didn’t he just pin him after the chair spot? The booking was all over the place here but at least they didn’t dog the match. Fifteen minutes was far too long for the story they had though, and all the chain stuff could have been clipped. Snitsky got over more during this match than during the entire rest of his WWE run though, destroying Kane throughout, making him bleed, then coming back and turning over the gurney to give him a shoeing after that too. Hey, at least they did something different here.
Final Rating:


Video Control takes us backstage where Edge is pissed off at the fans for picking an injured has-been over him. Edge is in the World Tag Team Title match, but he’s already won ten tag titles so he’s not interested in that. Heel Edge is the best Edge. Next up is Eric Bischoff vs. Eugene, but the stipulation has yet to be established.

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