Taboo Tuesday 2004

Christy Hemme vs. Carmella de Cesare
This is a match between the two Diva Search finalists. Christy won $250,000 in the process of winning that contest, but WWE have brought in Carmella as a one night only deal to give Christy someone to work with. I felt Christy came across as an attention-grabbing whore, and her one year run in WWE never won me over. She was still miles better than Carmella though. Here’s the results for the type of match they’ll be having:

Aerobics challenge: 10%
Lingerie pillow fight: 57%
Evening gown: 33%

Not that it makes any difference because any match would just be two non-trained girls rolling around in their undies anyway. The Diva Search competition featured a couple of genuine talents with both Maria Kanellis and Michelle McCool proving useful in the future. Candice Michelle, Joy Giovanni and Amy Weber were also hired, and collectively achieved very little. The “match” is only 1:46, but at least has slightly more titillation than the earlier schoolgirls match. Christy pins Carmella, at least exhibiting some sense of wrestling acumen. Carmella just lies there and takes it. Rather predictably she was immediately released. I’m shocked she made it this far.
Final Rating: -**

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