Taboo Tuesday 2004

World Heavyweight Championship
Triple H (c) vs. Shawn Michaels
Shawn legitimately destroyed his knee yesterday and can barely walk. Kudos to him for coming out here and wrestling, but the injury was so severe they really should have taken him off the ballot. If the fans knew how screwed up his knee was they wouldn’t have voted him into the match. Shawn is lucky that he’s in there with Hunter, one of his long-time best friends, as he needs someone he trusts with that gimpy leg. The match is vastly limited by what they can’t do, in that Shawn can’t do much of anything, so it’s all Hunter working the leg and that’s it. For ten minutes. Shawn’s comeback involves three atomic drops, each landing on his crippled left knee as he can’t drop to the other one. Surely Michaels had something else in his move set that didn’t involve reinjuring himself? Some of his other offensive gambits are better, like a sneaky low blow and a DDT, but others are not too bright. Triple H wouldn’t let anyone else get away with half the shit Michaels does. At least when he’s tuning up the band he’s leaning on the ropes. That’s the cue for Batista to run in for the save. Shawn gets the superkick anyway so Edge runs in from the other side, hits the spear and leaves Shawn to get pinned. “It should have me,” Edge screams on his way out. Match was pretty much nothing but that’s not really anyone’s fault. Not even Triple H’s. This ended up going fourteen minutes and had no business doing so.
Final Rating:

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