United Kingdom Championship Tournament – Night 2



Arnold Furious: Hosts are Michael Cole and Nigel McGuinness. Cole was brilliant last night, having done his research and Nigel gelled well with him. Any shows where the announcers are not heavily produced are usually fantastic. Maybe there’s a lesson to be learned there?


WWE UK Championship Tournament Quarter Final
Pete Dunne vs. Sam Gradwell
Pete already beat Gradwell up after last night’s show so young Sam comes out with tape on his back and fire in his heart. He shows the kind of aggression that you need to have at this stage of a tournament, especially when you’re against the top star of the tournament. Dunne was a made man after last night and his interactions with Regal and Hunter. Dunne survives for long enough to re-injure Sam’s back and the crowd are really into Pete, partially because of his work in this tournament and also because of his graft in the UK Indies for the last two years. Dunne throws Gradwell into the buckles and pins him clean as a whistle. The focus on the back was solid storytelling and Dunne continues to be one of the main stars of this thing.
Final Rating: **1/2

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