Vengeance 2004



Dan Hey: This show originally went unclaimed in the HoW offices. I have been reliving (on occasion, reviling), for want of a better word, WWF/WWE pay per views again in chronological order, so when I got to this one I thought that I may as well review it. WWE are well into their brand extension era, with RAW and SmackDown! taking turns to host what were once the old In Your House pay per view events while sharing air time on the big four. It’s RAW’s turn this time. In some ways, this was a potentially good move on the WWE’s part, even if having two champions always made it difficult to explain to part-time fans who was the main guy nowadays. With no real competition and a surplus of talent left over after acquiring their biggest two rivals and running the Invasion angle, the brand split allowed WWE to essentially have two rosters, freeing up slots for the mid card guys and giving themselves time to build storylines between each brand pay per view. Of course, WWE would run the concept into the ground and eventually will struggle to build a pay-per-view blow-off angle in the two to four weeks between shows. 2004 is also the year when WWE would elevate two smaller workers – and probably the most deserving on the entire rosters – to the championship spots: Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero. Eddie lost his title to JBL at The Great American Bash last month, but the ‘Rabid Wolverine’ goes into Vengeance still the champion and will defend his title in a singles match against Triple H. We’re in Hartford, Connecticut. Hosts are Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler.


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