WrestleMania XX




Lee Maughan: When Vince McMahon rolled the dice with the inaugural WrestleMania, few could have predicted the event would become an annual tradition that would still be going strong a decade later, let alone two. Back in WWE’s spiritual home of Madison Square Garden, this is, as their self-penned tagline notes, “where it all begins again”, with three monster names bowing out, three of the next decade’s biggest stars making their WrestleMania debuts, two of the hardcore fans’ favourite grafters reaching the apex of their careers, and the return (and reinvention) of an iconic character. More chillingly, the show opens with a shot of Vince, Shane McMahon, and Shane’s recently-born son Declan. Was the world really crying out for more McMahon DNA, courtesy of the “Genetic Jackhammer” and his junior? Hosts are Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler for the RAW brand matches, and Michael Cole and Tazz for the SmackDown! brand matches, with the Boys Choir of Harlem getting the honour of the traditional opening rendition of ‘America the Beautiful’.


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