NXT TakeOver: The End


Arnold Furious: This is one of the weakest builds we’ve seen on an NXT TakeOver show for quite some time. Perhaps there’s uncertainty over the futures of various talents, Triple H saying so himself on a conference call this week, with the roster split looming. However the lack of excitement doesn’t overwhelm a strong card featuring some potentially great matches. Also the outcomes are rather intriguing with the brand split coming up. If you lose here, are you more or less likely to be taken up to the main roster? Who’s to say? It should be an interesting month or so in mainstream wrestling.

Video Control kicks us off with a look at the history of stars in NXT and how they’ve gone on to main roster success. Most of the big stars on the main roster actually started out on this show. Even Roman, although they don’t show him here. They do show both Bayley and Balor’s title losses to emphasise that babyfaces big runs have to end at some point. It’s an interesting dynamic given the two big babyface title defences tonight. VT calls this “The End of the Beginning”. That gives me chills. We’re in Full Sail. Hosts are Tom Phillips (wearing a red leather suit jacket) and Corey Graves.

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