#WF064 – Hacksaw Jim Duggan

James Dixon & Arnold Furious:


AF – When we all sat down to review Macho Man Randy Savage & Elizabeth, it was because we both wanted to see that tape. So, why are we here again?

JD – I am too angry to even speak. This is Lee’s idea of a joke because of the Duggan abuse I have given out over the course of all these tapes.

AF – It is quite short, if that’s any consolation.

JD – It’s not. This might be the worst tape we ever see. Unless there is a Typhoon tape out there?

AF – Don’t give them ideas! I went and looked at the first match on the listing. I shouldn’t have done that.

JD – I don’t even wanna know! Though, it’s not like it matters. This is a DUGGAN tape, what else can it be other than awful? I am sure you had this one down on the list to do alone Furious, I don’t know how I have got roped into this.


Patriotism With Hacksaw
JD – There he is, Johnny Dick Fingers the racist xenophobe.

AF – Oh good grief. What’s he doing with that marching? Also, you don’t need to shout on tape, you mug. In some foreign countries they think the 2×4 represents American values.

JD – In a lot of ways, Duggan really is a true representation of the USA. Some of the people who live there really ARE that blinkered! Duggan introduces us to the tape, putting over America and saying no-one will be running the country down in this outing.

AF – America sucks. Take that, Hacksaw!

JD – Nice one, tough guy! Ok, so we are now getting highlights of what is to come on the tape. Well, talk about redundant footage.

AF – How many introductions does this tape have? Where’s Ed Winchester?

JD – Duggan does an in-ring promo, saying that he won’t let Nikolai Volkoff sing the Russian national anthem in his country.

AF – I never understood Duggan’s whole “land of the free” and then he’d stop people singing. I’m not sure we share the same definition of freedom.

JD – This is just a bunch of racist promos from Duggan.

AF – Is this tape called Jingo: The Jim Duggan Story?


Flag Match
Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Boris Zhukov
JD – Ok, first match on the tape and we are in Sacramento in November 1988. This should be a doozey…

AF – Zhukov is horrible. If you’re looking for positives James, I will say that Duggan is a way better wrestler than him at least.

JD– It really is something when Duggan is the best worker in the match, huh?

AF –  I always thought Zhukov looked like a giant midget. Does that make sense?

JD – Yes! He also has the world’s largest forehead. It is bigger than the rest of his body. Slugfest to start with here and Zhukov takes advantage of a Duggan mistake, kicking him in the face and dropping an elbow.

AF – If you want another positive; Jesse Ventura calls Duggan an idiot during every line of his commentary.

JD – Jesse always spoke the truth. He used to call Hogan out on being a filthy cheat as well, which is why I loved him so much as a colour commentator. Three Point Stance from Duggan and that is that after just over 2-minutes.

AF – Oh at least TRY to kick out Boris! You lazy Commie bastard.

JD – Christ, here comes the flag raise and the over the top patriotism again. If Duggan took a shit in the ring, it would be red white and blue. This excessive flag love is just too much for me.

AF – Duggan just stands there with his tongue lolling out. Oh come on, clip the national anthem at least.

JD – Vince is as bad as Duggan is, he would never do that!

AF – Last I checked it was the WORLD Wrestling Federation. Not the American Wrasslin’ Federation.
Final Rating: DUD


Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Tiger Chung Lee
JD – This is from Milwaukee in October 1988

AF – Handsome Harley is at ringside! He might make this good by weight of sheer awesomeness on his part.

JD – This is the first of some highlights that spotlight a few confrontations between Duggan and Harley Race. This one takes place in the aisle, and ends with Duggan flooring Harley with his 2×4, because he was in his way as he was trying to get to the ring for his match. What a disgrace. Duggan was in Harley’s way, he wasn’t finished! No sportsmanship, no manners.

AF – It is a shame that Harley was mouthing “hit me”, right at the camera. As for Tiger Chung Lee? He might as well just lie down on the mat and save himself some time.

JD – A match just about went on as well here folks, which Duggan wins in about a minute. Hey, if this tape keeps going like this, we are onto a winner.

AF – We’ll be done in 10 minutes!

JD – Duggan and Race have another confrontation after the match and Duggan gets the better of it, before playing dress up with Race’s “king” attire. Howard Finkel announces him as “King for a Day, Hacksaw Jim Duggan”.

AF – King for a day, fool for a lifetime. Please tell me they have the Slammy fight between Race and Harley on this tape?

JD – You will just have to wait and see!
Final Rating: SQUASH (Not rated)


Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Harley Race Confrontation
JD – In this segment, Duggan gets interviewed on the stage by Craig DeGeorge, while dressed in Harley Race’s gear. Bobby Heenan comes out and confronts him about it. Harley attacks Duggan from behind with the 2×4, and the feud continues. Duggan promotes theft, and using violence with weapons to achieve things through illicit means. Like I have said before, he is quite the stand-up role model for the American people.

AF – They were a nice couple of shots with the 2×4. They were in slow-motion, sure, but made a nice THWACK noise nevertheless.

JD – They were quite vicious indeed! Way to go Harley!


1987 Slammy Awards
JD – We go to the Slammy’s next, just like you wanted Arn. Duggan is presenting an award.

AF – Which he struggles with, because he can’t read.

JD – Wow, that is one bright suit that Heenan is wearing!

AF – …and who said wrestlers dressed ostentatiously?

JD – Duggan is dressed to kill here too, wearing a t-shirt that looks like a suit. He is quite the prankster isn’t he? Harley picks up the Slammy, but Duggan refuses to announce him as the winner. Inevitably that sparks the powder keg, and they go at it, brawling behind the scenes. Gorilla Monsoon runs backstage to try and break it up. I love Gorilla Monsoon, but he should never run anywhere, ever

AF – He booted Harley’s crown off the stage too. God, I love this segment.

JD – It is one of the few Duggan segments I enjoy. Heenan makes me chuckle taking a comedy bump into a dumpster.

AF – “Chickens gone flying here”

JD – So, there is a donkey and some chickens backstage. I can’t quite explain that one folks. It must be nearly feeding time for Kamala.

AF – Oh no, not the electrical utility area! This is not unlike a backstage hardcore match, circa ’99. Only it’s a decade early.

JD – It is great. Just a wild brawl all over the place, and it lasts for ages, happening as the other awards are going on. Duggan would have worked much better as an out and out brawler, if he wasn’t such a friggin’ goof.

AF – Totally agreed. I loved Duggan in wild brawls, usually when he didn’t talk. A table spot from Harley!

JD – ECW! ECW! ECW! And then a llama walks past… I have no answers on that one either… Did that graphic say “37th Slammy Awards”?

AF – I think maybe, just maybe, they made up some of their history, yanno. Either that or there were 36 prior award ceremonies in Rio.

JD – Duggan pushes some boxes over onto Harley and Heenan, and then nails Bobby over the head with one of them. Ok, so that wasn’t quite as violent as the rest of the brawl!

AF – No, but this fight is fantastic.

JD – This is incredibly entertaining. More “lols” from Heenan, as an old woman chases him out of the ladies dressing room.

AF – Some of the camera shots are a bit cinematic, like a dive onto the sofa. Though, awesome cake shot!

JD – “An atomic drop into the carrot cake” may be the most bizarre calling of a move I have ever heard. They end up brawling back onto the stage, and Duggan picks up the 2×4 and chases Race off.

AF – Was the 2×4 still on the stage? Continuity!

JD – That is probably the best brawl the WWF ever did.

AF – Absolutely. Way ahead of its time.

JD – We would be remiss not to mention just how superb these Slammy’s are generally. They have such a legitimate award show feel and they are taking it semi-seriously, rather than making it into a campy joke.

AF – Though, I am not sure what any of the awards are for mind.

JD – Back to the angle, and that was rather a legendary one. Just a glorious brawl from start to finish. I can’t believe something this good exists that involved Duggan.

AF – We might as well just go home. They should have put that on last.


Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. King Harley Race
JD – So the big match between Race and Duggan takes place at MSG in January 1988. Logic and continuity from Coliseum Video Control!

AF – Thumbs up to Video Control, tough guys!

JD – Best get that first draft of your angry letter to ex-Coliseum employees off your desk and into the shredder.

AF – Hopefully this match has limited wrestling. You don’t hear me say that very often! Race looks like he’s moving in slow motion but he’s still trying hard.

JD – Sometimes Race gets a bad rap for his WWF run, but there was some good stuff there at times. He was just at the end of his career and wear and tear had slowed him down.

AF – Yeah, and when he realised that, he called it a day. I still respect the man. There’s not many guys in wrestling that go out at the top. And stay retired.

JD – Hell, Vince still respects the man, that alone should tell you something. They send a lot of guys who are nearly, but not quite ready for a job in WWE, to Harley’s school

AF – They’re wrestling a bit too much, which is not Duggan’s strong suit. Or “Doogan” as Alfred Hayes calls him.

JD – This is not the wild brawl I was hoping for. This feud would have been perfect for a falls count anywhere match after that last brawl. Unfortunately, Duggan doesn’t appear to realise that a piledriver is a move that you actually SELL.

AF – Shame there isn’t more brawling, because Race landing a forearm rocks Duggan’s jawbone. I want more of that. Harley has been a bit methodical.

JD – Nasty bump on the concrete from Race though.

AF – A lovely THUD noise off his forehead. No juice?

JD – This may have been at the point where they were not really allowed to blade anymore.

AF – If Bret Hart can get a bladejob past Vince, I’m sure Race could. Although given his tactics in this match the blading would take a couple of minutes.

JD – Would you blade for Duggan?

AF – I’d be blading for the concrete. I f*ck*ng love concrete. Oh Harley, the ropes are not your friend; Duggan rolls through a high crossbody to win. That’s not a sentence I thought I’d be saying regarding this match.

JD – Nor I, to be honest. Poor match really, it would have been so much better if they had gone all Memphis and had a donnybrook.
Final Rating:


Hacksaw Jim Duggan Confronts Andre The Giant
AF – Ted DiBiase is good at saving tapes. Oh wait, it’s just WrestleMania IV.

JD – And it is just the end of the Duggan vs. DiBiase match, with highlights of DiBiase going over thanks to interference from Andre the Giant. This exists on this tape to set up the feud between Duggan and Andre. Vince McMahon just said Duggan had brains! He said DUGGAN had BRAINS! Though, this is a man who thought the Gobbledygooker was a great idea. The next segment is Duggan coming out to challenge Andre face-to-face on Superstars of Wrestling.

AF – If Duggan calls Andre a cheese-eating surrender monkey, we could have another winning segment. Look at his googly eyes!

JD – This was a really important feud for Duggan, because working with Andre solidified his status as one of the WWF’s top guys. Andre catches Duggan in the mouth with his nail and busts him open hardway, before choking him out with his strap. It is a really impressive accidental visual, that helps immensely in getting this over. Duggan nails Andre with his 2×4 afterwards, knocking him out cold.

AF – There is a lot of blood! Andre doesn’t get knocked out though, he just has naps.

JD – It would have been better if Duggan hadn’t got his heat back straight away with that 2×4 shot. We have seen the angle and the payoff now all in one, so why do we need the match? Strange booking.

AF – Quite. You don’t start the movie with the guy having already climbed the mountain. You start at the bottom.


Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Andre the Giant
JD – This match continues the feud, and is from three months after the previous angle, in June 1988 from MSG. What is going on with this commentary. Whoever the hell it is just KILLED Andre’s mystique by calling him “Andre Roussimoff” and then saying how his granddad was four inches taller, thus shitting all over his unmatchable size.

AF – Which is why Vince shouts in his announcers’ ears now.

JD – Seriously, who is this guy? He is Alfred Hayes levels of lame.

AF – I’ve heard him on other tapes but I can’t place the voice. There is a lot of stalling in this one.

JD – Ok, explain this instead: why does Hugo Savinovich bring Andre back to the ring after he tries to walk out?

AF – That was Pedro Morales, surely?

JD – Perhaps. Ok next question: what the hell is “a reluctant dragon”!? That is what the commentator just called Andre.

AF – I don’t know. Jesus, how much stalling is there here? It’s like watching Lawler. They’ll run out of tape in a minute.

JD – No hyperbole here folks, they have been stalling for about 7 minutes, without touching each other. The commentator says about Duggan that “some people call him Doogan”. Yeah, only you and Alfred Hayes pal. Christ, he is pissing me off. Though, not as much as this abhorrent non-match fiasco. What is this horseshit?

AF – And why put it on tape? HOLY SHIT, contact! Now colour commentator Superstar Billy Graham says he has never seen Andre tied up in the ropes? REALLY? It’s his spot! He does it in EVERY match!

JD – We will be busting out the antimatter snowflakes for this one, unless it suddenly becomes Savage-Steamboat due to a “production error”. I might go and watch that now…

AF – The weird thing is, I saw the lumberjack match they had from the same time, and it was decent.

JD – The lumberjack match as a concept is a shortcut gimmick anyway, so they could use it to stall without making the match too tedious. The problem here is MSG. All matches there were overly long, even when the guys in them were incapable of doing that. This would be one of those examples.

AF – This is Boston Garden, surely? Let’s not have another yellow floor debacle.

JD – Boston Garden, Madison Square Garden, Maple Leaf Gardens, what’s the difference? The same applied at all of them.

AF – “He’s going for his tackle”. Hehehe. I am tittering like a schoolgirl and totally missed the finish.

JD – Here is a helpful replay. Andre won with his feet on the ropes after Duggan ran into a big boot.

AF – That was terrible. The ref looked right at Andre grabbing the ropes there.

JD – What a disgrace to pro wrestling that match was. I know Andre was unable to do much due to his health, but that doesn’t mean I can accept the garbage we have just been forced to endure. Ten minutes of stalling and then a few minutes of incredibly bad non-action, before a shitty finish that threw referee credibility out of the window. That is actually the worst match I have even seen in my life.
Final Rating: -****


The Brother Love Show
AF – So, Dino Bravo and Brother Love to finish the tape up. Sweet eh?

JD – Jesus. We have gone downhill somewhat from the squash matches and the Race brawl. This is from SummerSlam ‘88, which Arnie has covered before. I am afraid you will have to watch it again.

AF – Wasn’t this the one where they were going to debut the Horsemen?

JD – Debut the Horsemen? Tell me more about this!

AF – Rumour has it that Ric Flair was wanting out of the NWA, but didn’t jump in the end because he was loyal to Crockett. But if he had jumped, as Arn and Tully already had, the WWF had Windham cued up as well. The Horsemen would have debuted on this segment. Instead we get the usual business from Duggan and Brother Love.

JD – Wow. What a trade off!

AF – You win some, you lose some, like this tape. You win with a great brawl at the Slammy’s, and you lose with EVERYTHING else.

JD – Duggan is like a kid with ADHD, who has been fed Skittles. His attention span is all over the place. Brother Love tries to talk, and Duggan, like a wanker, just shouts “Hooooo” in the middle of it. He snaps back into the moment when Love has the audacity to question his patriotism. Love says he is a man with a weapon. Duggan is proud, because he is a thug and has no time for red faced fags.


The Brother Love Show
JD – Ok, this is from a month later in September 1988. Add Brother Love to the list of idiots who call Duggan, “Doogan”.

AF – I like that Vince corrected him.

JD – Dino Bravo comes out for a confrontation with Duggan, setting up their feud

AF – Oh, f*ck Dino Bravo! F*ck him in the ear.

JD – Other than Race, has Duggan ever feuded with an American?

AF – Not in the WWF, I don’t think. And, he probably thought Race was English because of his royal fineries.

JD – See, I could tolerate the Race stuff because it was an everyday guy feuding with a pompous dick. But the American patriotism thing being rammed forcefully down the throat, really grinds.


Flag Match
Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Dino Bravo

JD – Another flag match then to close out the tape, from MSG in December 1988. The flag matches back then were a little different to the ones that took place years later.

AF – I’m not watching Dino Bravo. You have to draw the line somewhere.

JD – You are pal! If I have to sit through this shit, then so do you. Lee has locked the office door anyway.

AF – Then I may go out of the window!

JD – Come on man, screw this match, let’s talk about flag matches. Do you prefer this racist version of the gimmick or the type they did when the Hart Foundation were working with American guys in 1997?

AF – I much prefer the whole “capture the flag” aspect. That at least makes it different. These 80s matches are just a normal match with xenophobia attached.

JD – If Duggan wasn’t under WCW contract during the Harts stuff, do you think Vince would have brought him in?

AF – I shudder at the thought. Ironically, the Hart Foundation actually sided with Duggan during this Bravo feud.

JD – Yeah man, what was that about? It must have pissed Bret right off to listen to Duggan’s “USA” chants during their matches. How the hell did crowds abroad not turn on Duggan more?

AF – …I never got that. I saw him do the “USA” chant thing over in Europe and they didn’t boo. Enough.

JD – Duggan sells like a Gestapo officer.

AF – I never liked Duggan’s selling.

JD – Also, why do the MSG shows always cut to a random shot of a few fans in the middle of the crowd. This one was funny, with Schiavone saying they were going wild as they all sat down in silence, bored to death.

AF – Always a bastion of truth and a paragon of virtue, our Tony.

JD – Something happens, Duggan wins. The flag gets raised, and we come full circle from the start of the tape.
Final Rating: DUD


JD – And that brings us to the end of the tape.

AF – Ah, excellent. And we’ll chalk that tape up to experience.

JD – Is it too late to write to Coliseum and ask for our money back?

AF – I believe the warranty has expired.


Summary: In an attempt to be positive, I will say the Slammy brawl was the best thing Jim Duggan ever put his name to. Fabulous stuff. On the flip side, the match with Andre is one of the most shamefully bad things you are ever likely to see, a real insult to the paying customer. The tape started well but trailed off significantly, though it probably wasn’t quite as bad overall as expected. Take out the Harley Race stuff and this would be a negative star tape though. Hunt out the Slammy angle, which is an all-time classic, a genuinely perfect example of how to do something like that, but don’t go near the rest of this. A definite avoid.
Verdict: 25

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