#P109 – Best Of WWF Tag Team Champions

James Dixon:


WWF Tag Team Championship
The Legion of Doom (c) vs. The Natural Disasters
We start things off in January 1992 at the Royal Rumble. Unlike other Columbia House tapes, which feature a wide range of bouts from different years, this tape focuses only on 1991 and 1992, which is a shame, because it is a really bad period for tag wrestling in the WWF. All the great teams had either split up and gone solo, been repackaged or had left the promotion completely, leaving us in this awful situation with the Natural Disasters as the number one contenders. The difference between lumbering sloths like them and the guys who built the division into the best of all time, such as Demolition, the Rockers, the Brain Busters, the British Bulldogs and the Hart Foundation, is night and day. I wonder if Bobby Heenan had a problem with Hawk? I ask, because on commentary, he almost mockingly shouts: “go on Hawk, throw him around a little bit, beat him up a bit”. Hawk had a reputation for doing such things with smaller wrestlers, and was known generally as a no-selling, stiff mother… Some guys obviously didn’t like that, and to me it sounds like Heenan was one of them. I have actually quite enjoyed this so far. Well, in relative terms of course. It has been surprisingly energetic for the guys in there. I am not unrealistic, I don’t expect Steamboat-Savage from these guys, and I realise that not every match on the card can be like that. This is not a patch on classic tag matches from the past, but for what it is, it is actually pretty enjoyable. Typhoon even takes a decent bump from an Animal clothesline! It has slowed down a lot since I said that, of course. The finish is a disgrace for a pay-per-view match though, with the fat heels winning on a count out. What kind of decision is that? Just have LOD beat the slugs! The Disasters celebrate with the titles after the bout, because they have fluff between their ears like Winnie the Pooh, and thus don’t understand basic wrestling rules. The titles cannot change hands on a count out or a DQ! I knew that as a child, so why can’t Sluggers work it out yet? I actually liked the match a little more than Furious did when he reviewed it, which is incredible considering Typhoon was involved. He watched it as part of the Royal Rumble show, and it came after some shoddy work on the undercard, so he may have been slightly jaded once he got to it. Either way, it was far from great, but it was watchable.
Final Rating: *


WWF Tag Team Championship
The Nasty Boys (c) vs. The Bushwhackers
We go back in time to June 1991 in Sacramento, Florida now, and the Nasty Boys are the tag champions at this point. How idiotic is that? Why do both Columbia and Coliseum insist on doing it? With something like title lineage, continuity and following a simple timeline seems so obvious, but they just can’t manage it. It frustrates me no end. Anyway, I have no interest in seeing this match at all. I hate both of these teams’ work in the WWF with a passion and I know exactly how this will go down. Slow plodding action, pissing around from the Bushwhackers, stalling from The Nasties and then a cheap finish or a non-finish. Why even both watching? True to form, this is a disgrace; they have done nothing at all for about five minutes. Finally Sags takes control of Butch, before getting caught in the corner and hit with a bulldog. Luke comes in and does his idiotic stomp around before shouting “woooah”. Why did anyone like these blithering idiots? I hated them as a kid, and all my friends did too. Who exactly did they appeal to? Stupid kids, probably. The kind who ate crayons. Sorry, my mood is beginning to turn. The first two matches have had Typhoon and the Bushwhackers in them. I’m not exactly doing leaps of joy here. This is a joke of a tape, focusing on the weakest area the WWF had. Fittingly I am rewarded for persevering here with a deeply unsatisfying DQ finish, how surprising! Come on, let’s get on with this and get it out of the way. Next match!
Final Rating: DUD


WWF Tag Team Championship
The Legion of Doom (c) vs. The Beverly Brothers
I have covered this before, as it featured on Invasion 92 and comes from Texas in December 1991. I always felt sorry for the Beverly Brothers, because every other wrestler around at the time had an action figure, but they never did. Even jobbers like Repo Man and Skinner were given the Hasbro treatment, but yet not the Beverlys. I wonder why not? They were PPV regulars and were perfectly solid in the ring. For the record, this is the third match from this Texas taping, and again is a Coliseum exclusive. Lord Alfred Hayes, mental old fool that he is, is cock-a-hoop that Coliseum video are taping this “up close” and will give us the action from “right in the ring”. As opposed to the usual action from where exactly? Powerful start from LOD, but Blake uses one of Animal’s own moves, the powerslam, only for Animal to hit his own moments later. A big clothesline causes the Beverlys to bail. Hawk comes in with Beau Beverly, and shows impressive power with an effortless gorilla press. He misses a charge into the corner and the Beverlys take over for the first time. Listening to the crowd chant “LOD” makes me think of something I want to share. The tandem are always more fondly remembered and indeed revered for their work in NWA as the Road Warriors, but I actually believe that Legion of Doom is a better name. I think it is instantly more memorable when you hear it, more threatening and the acronym is easy to chant. Just a thought. A double clothesline allows Hawk to tag in Animal, who gets the better of both Beverlys before a Doomsday Device turns Blake inside out and the LOD win it. No matter how many times I see that move, I cringe. It’s a vicious manoeuvre, and I am actually surprised the WWF let them do it, considering the risks. It looks great though. The match was nothing. Standard tag stuff, not good, but not particularly bad.
Final Rating:


WWF Tag Team Championship
The Natural Disasters (c) vs. Money Inc.
We fast-forward almost a year to October 1992 in Saskatchewan, this taking place from the same set of tapings as Bret Hart’s WWF title win over Ric Flair. The Nasty Boys follow Money Inc. down the aisle to confront Jimmy Hart about his involvement with Money Inc., because they believe this to be their title shot. The Nasties reject a DiBiase attempt to bribe them, taking the money but then brawling with Money Inc. anyway. This was the Nasty Boys’ face turn, though they didn’t last a great deal of time in the company afterwards. IRS sells a knee injury on the outside, and DiBiase is down in the ring as the champions come down the aisle. What curious booking this is, knowing what the finish is. Spoiler alert: Money Inc. beat the Disasters and win the titles. That, despite the fact that they are literally half the size of their opponents and that they have just had their clocks cleaned prior to the bout. If they were babyfaces it would make sense, but all this serves to do is make the Disasters look like sh*t. Well, they were sh*t, but that is not really the point. Two Typhoon matches on the same tape by the way. What were they playing at? The issue actually is not with Columbia, it goes back further to Vince McMahon. He never should have hired Fred Ottman in the first place, much less put a title belt on him. The credibility of the tag titles was forever tarnished beyond repair once that lummox wore them. We get more interference here as the Headshrinkers come down to ringside while Earthquake is in control of the match. Quake gets sent out of the ring by DiBiase, and hits his head on the guardrail. It’s a stupid bump for Quake to take, because it looks so phoney. A guy that size just wouldn’t move so far from being whipped by DiBiase, or anyone, really. Typhoon shows his incompetence again, helping roll the hurt Quake back in the ring. That’s a quality partner right there, just the kind of guy you want watching your back. Quake survives a sleeper from both guys, then gets caught in the Million Dollar Dream and passes out, and thus Money Inc. win the belts. Nice one Tugger, way to help out. He just stands there looking gormless and unsure what is going on, as his partner fades away and they lose the titles. Maybe he realised that by the time he had taken five minutes to get into the ring, it would have been too late anyway, so he plumped for the much easier “sleep” option. Dire stuff.
Final Rating: ½*


Post match, Jimmy Hart celebrates with Bobby Heenan at the announce desk, but the Nasties come out to confront him about selling them out, and they end up hurling him from the stage on to Money Inc., fully cementing their babyface turn.


WWF Tag Team Championship
The Legion of Doom (c) vs. The Nasty Boys
So after seeing the Nasties babyface turn, we completely f*ck*ng logically go back to a match where they were heels, a full year earlier. That is high on the list of the most retarded back-to-back segments I have seen on these tapes. If they are not going to take this thing seriously, then neither am I. If you want to watch a decent LOD-Nasties match then check out their semi-ok brawl at SummerSlam ‘91. This is like that, only worse in every respect. We don’t even get a finish to round off the tape! An absolutely maddening choice of match.
Final Rating: ½*


Summary: What a piece of sh*t. A tape about tag champions could have been an all-time classic, but instead they rolled out this garbage, focusing on the worst possible time period for the division. Inferior and at times embarrassing teams in poor matches without finishes, does not make for riveting viewing. There is nothing redeeming on here whatsoever, and indeed, it is one of the worst tapes the WWF has ever released. A definitive avoid.
Verdict: 14

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