#WWE56552 – Mick Foley – Greatest Hits And Misses

Disc 2 DVD Extras

No extra matches this time, just a collection of various promos. First up are the series of short vignettes promoting Mankind’s impending WWF debut, explaining the original origin story for the character in which he was prodigious piano player who wasn’t given much affection from his mother, so subsequently decided to smash his own fingers in with a hammer. As recounted in the main feature of the DVD, Foley has no idea where Mankind’s pet rat George came from, but concedes it was more menacing than if he’d shot the same promos with his real life guinea pig, Fuzzy Penguin.


Next up is a live arena promo from the Mind Games pay-per-view in Philadelphia in which he turns heel on the local “bingo hall” fans to ensure none of the ECW regulars in the crowd cheer for him, and that’s followed by the prime cuts from his 1997 sit-down interview series with Jim Ross. Interestingly, the explanation for the Mandible Claw is no longer the result of his broken fingers, but “power tempered with mercy” directed towards Vince McMahon for not bringing him to the WWF when he was still young and good.


From there it’s onto his comedic years, beginning with Mankind’s trip to the hospital to pay a visit to an ailing Mr. McMahon, resulting in the unexpected birth of Mr. Socko. From there, Foley and frequent butt of his jokes Al Snow head out for some wacky hijinks in Las Vegas, including a trip to the Cheetah’s strip club which, although not mentioned, is actually managed by The Godfather. Foley tips one of the strippers a quarter, which she flings right back in his face. Given the amount of tissue trauma he suffered over the years, I’m surprised that didn’t bust him open. Finally, a promo from Foley’s run as WWF Commissioner in 2000, as he interprets Kurt Angle’s complaints about Eddie Guerrero and Chyna as him wanting a match with The Undertaker. Well, what a pointless little inclusion that was.


Summary: After the relative disappointment that was Mick Foley’s Hard Knocks & Cheap Pops (at least in terms of the limited contented on offer), this is more like the comprehensive DVD set covering (most of) his career that hardcore fans were asking for, a superb visual compendium counterpart to his terrific first autobiography. Hitting most of the major points of his career, even the crappier matches included here are all perfectly justifiable selections, frequently rationalised by Foley himself in his inimitably charming style. Admittedly there was little in the way of footage from his early years, and (understandably, given the time of this DVD’s release) nothing from his 2004 comeback and beyond, although those minor failings were rectified with the special “Hardcore Edition” rerelease of this set in 2007, and the 2013 DVD and Blu-ray set For All Mankind: The Life and Career of Mick Foley, both of which also come very highly recommended.
Verdict: 100

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