Money In The Bank 2017

WWE Championship
Jinder Mahal (c) vs. Randy Orton
Jinder is a throwback to WWE’s monster foreign heels of the 80s and 90s. Where someone, like Yokozuna, could just stroll into the main events from nowhere and win the title. Even though Orton is from St Louis it would make no sense to switch the belt back after one month. If anything it’s a chance to build Jinder up as a credible champion for someone else to de-throne.

Orton starts fast and puts a beating on Jinder and his stupid hair. It helps that the crowd is very pro-Randy because they deliver the same poor quality of wrestling that plagued the first match. So it’s rubbish but at least it’s heated. That counts for a lot. Jinder works the leg over and often when wrestlers do the ‘leg match’ I find myself waiting for them to give up on it and get into the meat of the match. This is a rarity but I actually feel bad for Orton in this match. His timing is exquisite at times and Jinder looks totally inadequate next to him. Randy has to wait around for Jinder to catch up and it’s this massive internal struggle of wanting to look good but not being able to. Orton seems to take it as a challenge. I can see the gears clicking around; ‘what if I have a legitimately good match with Jinder Mahal?’ He’s already counting the number handshakes he’ll get from assorted legends. And Greg Gagne. The Bollywood Boyz save Jinder’s title so Mike Chioda kicks them out.

Predictably the Singh brothers target Randy’s Dad. Bob delivering some sensational facials in response. Randy takes exception and murders the Singh boys, much like he did at Backlash. Randy Orton must hate tables. The viciousness of his table spots seem completely uncalled for. The RKO through the table is utter madness. Randy tabled himself. He’s an idiot. Randy struggles back into the ring and eats the Cobra Clutch Slam for the loss. That’s exactly how the first match went down. It makes Randy look like an idiot. Orton worked extremely hard in this match to make it passable. Jinder is not a good professional wrestler. They’ve been a bit sneaky by putting this in the midcard. 1. It means they can get away with a down finish. 2. It means whoever wins MITB cannot challenge tonight.
Final Rating: **1/2


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