No Mercy 2016


Arnold Furious: The United States political system has immediately caused major issues with this show. Tonight also happens to be the second televised presidential debate so WWE figured, based on the last one colliding withRAW and killing the ratings, they might as well throw the main event out first to try and hook people on the show.


We’re in Sacramento, California. Hosts are Mauro RanalloJBL and David Otunga. I think the latter is excited but it’s really hard to tell because he has the emotional range of a lemon.


Backlash 2016


Arnold Furious: We’re in Richmond, Virginia. Tonight’s card has already suffered with the injury bug. The proposed tag team tournament has collapsed due to an injury to Chad Gable. I don’t know if that one is legitimate or not but another proposed match is off the cards due to Randy Orton not being cleared to wrestle (after suffering a concussion in the controversial match with Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam). The show still has a few things going for it with AJ challenging for the title and two new belts coming into being with SmackDown exclusive women’s and tag straps. This is the first brand specific PPV since the latest split and it already looks like a struggle for a brand to fill a three hour show. We knew this beforehand but it becomes so much more evident when SmackDown try to put a card together and it’s six matches long and one of those is called off with injuries. WWE can be at its best when backed into a corner though so let’s see how they fair. Hosts are Mauro RanalloJBL and David Otunga.


Battleground 2016




Arnold Furious: This is the first WWE PPV since the brand split and you have to suspect it was originally planned as the first RAW vs. SmackDown event, hence the name. Although the hype video at the top is just guys waving their flags around to sell respective feuds. Such as the Shield triple threat or the ongoing issues between AJ and Cena. We’re in Washington DC. Hosts are Michael ColeByron Saxton and JBL. The latter is off toSmackDown. Byron is staying on RAW. Not sure whose bright idea that was.