UK Rampage ’93

Arnold Furious: This is right after WrestleMania IX. Except half the roster didn’t go on the tour. So we’ve got Shawn Michaels, Mr. Perfect and Lex Luger but at no point are they wrestling each other. Hogan stayed home, no shocks there, but Bret Hart and the Steiners were both working in the US at the same time. So the already depleted roster is painfully thin for this card. In a bid to keep my sanity I have devised the “UK Rampage ’93 Drinking Game”.



– Every time a match fails to make it to *.

– Every time JR talks about someone’s college education.

– Every time an ethnic stereotype appears.

– Every time someone in the crowd blows an air horn.

– For every 30 seconds Brooklyn Brawler applies a chinlock for.


For those keeping score at home I’ll be starting out swigging Chinese beer Tsingtao and when I run out I’ll be moving on to shots of Wild Turkey. God help us all if that happens.


We’re in Sheffield, England. Hosts are Jim Ross and Bobby Heenan, with Alfred Hayes on interviews. Air horn already. Bastards. DRINK. And again. DRINK. Put it down, mate, everybody hates an air horn.