Money In The Bank 2017


Arnold Furious: June 18, 2017. We’re in St Louis, Missouri. Hosts are Tom Phillips, his airline erection, JBL and Byron Saxton.


Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Charlotte Flair vs. Becky Lynch vs. Tamina vs. Carmella vs. Natalya
Some solid advice from one of the fans; “Climb Faster”. Carmella has a distinct advantage as she’s got James Ellsworth at ringside. She is the only one with help. The match is billed as a ‘historic first ever’ women’s MITB match. Which would mean a lot more if the belt they’re looking for a shot at was so unestablished. It didn’t exist at the start of last year.  Part of what makes the Money in the Bank concept so important is that it virtually guarantees you a world title. Which is tough to attain in the business. The structuring is always going to be tough because none of these women have been in anything like this before. The result is a lot of awkwardness, nasty looking bumps and overselling. Oh and glacially slow climbing. The do pander to the fans with traditional ladder spots, which somehow feel fresh because it’s women that are taking them. There are some gutsy bumps in there. Nobody phones the bumps in. Tamina and Carmella don’t take good bumps but they don’t phone them in. The match has definite car crash appeal. Charlotte and Becky are the stand-outs. Both in terms of the bumps they take and the spots they execute. The finish is so bad it’s untrue. James Ellsworth climbs the ladder and drops the briefcase down to Carmella. What? How must Carmella feel about that? It screams ‘we don’t trust you to climb up a ladder’. Worse still is this historic first ever women’s MITB match was won by a man. You couldn’t make this up. Do WWE not realise that goes against everything the Women’s Revolution was about?
Final Rating: **1/4


Video Control takes us backstage where Lana is interviewed regarding her title shot. Which makes the last match a laughing stock (which is already was) as Lana has virtually no wrestling experience and already has a title shot.


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Royal Rumble 2017

Arnold Furious: January 29 2017. We’re in San Antonio, Texas at the enormous Alamodome for the first Rumble there since the hugely papered one in 1997. Hosts are the many, many announcers WWE have.


WWE RAW Women’s Championship
Charlotte (c) vs. Bayley
Lots of huggers in attendance. Charlotte remains unbeaten on PPV. She’s 15-0. As with Sasha they’ve been slow in getting Bayley into a big match and she’s suffered because of that. Also because her promos aren’t very good. The in-ring is good enough to compensate for that. There’s a feeling that, despite the ***** classic Bayley and Sasha had, Charlotte is the most rounded of the three. She’s certainly the best promo. She’s also adapted well to the main roster way of doing things. Which means talking on RAW, occasionally working short matches and being able to shrug off shit angles. Part of the problem all the women have had on the main roster is having to go bigger (Hell in a Cell etc) because they already worked each other in great wrestling matches on NXT and, because of the Network, everyone saw them. It’s a new and interesting problem for WWE; the success of their own feeder promotion burning out development stars before they hit the main roster!

To be fair to these two, they do tremendous work in getting the crowd invested in this match and this moment. This is especially evident in the Figure Four stuff but also when Bayley starts lifting Randy Savage spots to counter Charlotte’s Daddy issues. Charlotte’s selling has improved of late, to the point where I’m convinced she’s in trouble. That’s a big step for any performer and I’m thrilled she’s found that extra step. Charlotte nails Natural Selection on the apron to get the win. Why are people still shocked when Charlotte wins on PPV? That’s what she does! This was a touch botchy but they told a good story and Charlotte was excellent.
Final Rating: ***1/2


Hell In A Cell 2016




Arnold Furious: I must admit I skipped over the show on the first watch and just saw the main event. If that’s not enough justification for the women going on last then I don’t know what is. It doesn’t help that the rest of the card is piss poor but women’s wrestling is a big draw for me. I don’t care that it’s in a Hell in a Cell but I do care that it’s important enough to headline the show.


We’re in Boston, Massachusetts. Sasha Banks’ home town. Hosts are Michael ColeByron Saxton and Corey Graves.

Clash of Champions 2016



Arnold Furious: We’re in Indianapolis, Indiana. Hosts are Michael ColeByron Saxton and Corey Graves.


WWE Tag Team Championship
The New Day (c) vs. Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows
We’re on day 399 of the New Day’s tag title run. Xavier holds the microphone upside for some reason. It looks weird. The challengers start fast and demolish the incumbent champs, including Xavier on the floor. Big E usually results in New Day winning so it’s good for the champs that he’s working. He struggles to get going against the challengers though, who are organised and aggressive. The New Day look surprisingly weak in the process of taking a hiding. Trouble in Paradise and the Big Ending would beat Anderson if Gallows wasn’t on hand to make a save. Moments later he takes Francesca to the face and New Day retain. 400 days and counting! The babyfaces had to cheat to win and Anderson is looking increasingly useless, due to losses mounting up. I’m not overly bothered about the team though so I can live with more New Day. They’re closing in on some all-time records. The lineage for these belts only goes back to 2002 so New Day already have that record. The all-time WWE tag record is Demolition, which was 478 days. That was in the late 80s though when there were loads of great tag teams. The scene now is not that good.
Final Rating: **1/2


Video Control takes us backstage where an exuberant TJ Perkins is on a WWE PPV. 2016 has been a crazy year.

Fastlane 2017



Arnold Furious: We are on the road to WrestleMania, which means RAW needs to get another PPV in. The big hype for this show is surrounding Goldberg getting a title shot. It’s an intriguing concept, even if I’m not entirely into it. Mainly because I didn’t like Goldberg the first time around.

We’re in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Hosts are Michael ColeCorey Graves and Byron Saxton.